Activities To Be Undertaken By TSEWA State Units

Dear Zonal/State Presidents,

It is suggested that the undermentioned activities may be undertaken   :
1.   Membership Drive: For TSEWA to get recognition from MoD officially, it has to have a membership of 10000. Then we will be invariably invited for all official meetings with the Govt on ESM related issues and which in turn will facilitate our participation  in policy formulation. So far our membership has reached only 4600 after 16 months of coming into existence. Hence there is a need to for the State Presidents to actively educate the ESM in various distts of the respective State through awareness informal/formal meetings with the existing ESM org at Distt/Mandal levels and also through social, digital and print media about the legal cases filed/being filed by TSEWA to get the entitlements of ESM. Also exhort the existing ESM org to become Associate members of TSEWA, so that we as an ESM lobby can project as one  unified forum at both State and All India level on any major issue which concern both pensioners and serving personnel.
2.  Legal Cases Being Pursued: Kindly make all out efforts to advertise and spread awareness about legal cases being pursued by TSEWA. For detailed info, please see the Posts on “AFT Cases ; Cases Filed in AFT(PB), and Cases being compiled and Repeat AFT Cases “, on this Blog .    
3.  Issue of Corr /Sangam PPO Cases may be taken up for issue of Sangam PPO/CorrPPO for veteran/family pensioner/anyone not getting OROP due to lack of Qualifying Service,Group details, MACP cases of Hav & Nb Sub. A data is reqd to be filled by the applicant and the same needs to be sent to PCDA(P) Sangam cell for army,JCDA ,AF,N.Delhi for JCDA ,Mumai for Navy. Sample data sheet to be uploaded with online complaint/email is att. For any further guidance JWO Milan Das may be contacted.His contact details,  &  milandas1958@gmail.commob:080-67106049, 8762095979. 
4.  Providing Active Assistance Kindly advise, facilitate  Pensioners and especially family pensioners to resolve crediting of OROP arrears, T33 yr entitlements and now 7 CPC arrears through interaction with CPPCs, Various Banks and DPDOs. The Contact details of CPPCs of various Banks state/citywise are available in the Post on ” CPPCs, Various Banks” on this Blog
5.  Feedback on Activities Undertaken. It is requested that a feedback on a monthly basis or whenever there is surge of membership or Various problems of ESM are resolved by you, may be fwd to TSEWA Head office. This, besides facilitating record keeping for next AGM/History, will enable us to review our appch in meeting our milestones from time to time.
 For your consideration and necessary action please.
 Jai Hind 
 Col N Sitaramaiah
Vice president,TSEWA

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