Working Hours of ECHS Poly Clinics


  1. As per Govt of India, Min of Def of Ex-servicemen Welfare Letter No 24(6)/03/US (WE).D(Res) dt 29 Jun 2005 & Central Organisation ECHS Letter No. B/49760/AG//ECHS ® dt 15 Jun 2007.
  2. The timings will be suitably displayed at the reception and also in doctor’s rooms.
  3. As pewr orders, the working hours for all ECHS staff (other than Specialists)would be 48 hours per week @ 08 hours per day from Monday to Saturday (Sunday being holiday).
  4. For specialist (for medical specialist & Gynaecologists etc…), the working hours would be 30 hours peer week (5 hours x 6 Days).
  5. The above time exclude journey time from residence to Clinic and back.
  6. The working schedule for the poly clinic will be decided by the “Regional Centres in consultation with the local Station HQ and SEMO/PMO.SMO of the Station.
  7. Lunch break is excluded from working hours for all staff.


  1. Romesh Chand Dadhwal.

    It is not at all clear from echs hoshiarpur that what is the exact timming for attending the vetren patients from and up to what time.Because it is seen that the turn slips issued from the reception is stopped at 1.o clock. The staff at each level is not ready to help even to the vetren patient above 70 after 1.O Clock .

    August 6, 2020 Reply
    • Jaipal singh

      In baghpat ECHS start working 9 o clock then tea break at 10 o clock and then close reception at 1 O clock.Nothing can be done to improve .Wheare as working hours suppose to be 48 hour in a week ,means 8 hours per day Monday to Saturday.

      November 5, 2022 Reply

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