The National Confederation of ESM Organization (NCESMO), known hereafter as Confederation has been constituted by 11 ESM Associations which assembled on Sunday, 19 Aug 2017 at Secunderabad. The authorized representatives resolved to form the Confederation to forge unity among ESM Associations. They took the momentous decision unanimously.


1. Col T N Raman (Retd), a senior veteran has been trying to propagate the necessity of bringing all ESM Associations spread over length & breadth of the country to bring in unity among them. This he felt was necessary if we have to project grievances of our veterans and family pensioner to the Ministry of Defence. As you all know as on date there is no formal & periodical meeting with Ministry of Defence. If we get the nod from Hon’ble Raksha Mantri for periodical meetings (quarterly or even half yearly) we will be able to project the grievances and hope to get some of them redressed to our benefit.

2. The idea of Col TN Raman was discussed at great length in a number of weekly meetings of Executive Committee of TSEWA in Secunderabad. It was opined by majority members of Executive Committee, that TSEWA needs to support Col TN Raman. It was also decided that the inaugural meeting of Confederation must be held at the earliest, before the model code of conduct of three state elections 2018 and general elections 2019 becomes effective. The views of not only Executive committee members, but all members of TSEWA were obtained through e-mails and putting up the same in TSEWA Blog at www.tsewa.org. The Executive committee of TSEWA in order to forge unity among the ESM Associations ruled that the inaugural meeting be held on 19 Aug 2018 and TSEWA to host the same.

3. Approach Paper. Col TN Raman was in constant touch with TSEWA and sent his views of Confederation of ESM Associations. Cmde Sudheer Parakala, Vice President, TSEWA took great pains to make an approach paper giving shape to the Confederation of ESM Associations as to how it should function at Tehsil, Districts, State and National level. This approach paper was discussed at great length, duly modified and sent to Col TN Raman with a request to send it to all Pan India ESM Associations. The foremost requirement as on date the ESM Associations, who want to become members of Confederation, must be apolitical and should have no open linkages with any political party. Till the Confederation becomes effective at Tehsil, District and State level, the approach paper suggested formation of Interim Confederation of ESM Associations. Col TN Raman circulated the approach paper to all Pan India ESM Associations and invited them to attend the Inaugural meeting hosted by TSEWA at Secunderabad on Sunday, 19 Aug 2018.

ESM Associations

4. The following ESM Associations only could attend the inaugural meeting at Secunderabad due to short notice (at Secunderabad) on Sunday, 19 Aug 2018. The particulars of authorized representatives of the associations are given below:-
Ser No ESM Association Authorized Representative

1 Indian Ex-Servicemen League (IESL) Lt Col AA Rethinam (Retd)
2 Akhila Bharatiya Poorva Sena Sainik Parishad (ABPSSP) Maj Gen NN Gupta (Retd)
3 Tri Services Ex-Servicemen Welfare Association (TSEWA) Brig CS Vidyasagar (Retd)
4 War Wounded Foundation Col Gulshan Kumar (Retd)
5 Tadepalligudem ESM Association, Andhra Pradesh Sub K Chennaiah (Retd)
6 Cumbum ESM Association, Andhra Pradesh Sub Maj KCH Pullaiah (Retd)
7 Disabled War Veterans (Diwave) Col VenuMadhav (Retd)
8 Retired Armed Forces Officers Association, Chennai Brig M Narayanan (Retd)
9 Ex-Wel Trust, Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu Col TN Raman (Retd) (Authorised)
10 ESM League Begusarai, Bihar Hav Bhuwesh Kumar (Retd)
11 War Widows Association Cmde Sudheer Parakala (Retd) (Authorised)

5. Though AFROWA Karnataka also agreed to join the Confederation, since no representative was nominated, this association could not be included as of now.


6. The authorized representatives arrived at office of TSEWA in SBI Building, Bhaskar Rao Nagar, Secunderabad by 0930 hrs. on 19 Aug 2018 and registration for the meeting was completed by 1000 hrs.

7. Welcome Address. Col Dr GB Sethi (Retd), General Secretary TSEWA gave his welcome address. He thanked the representatives who came from far and wide (Delhi, Begusarai of Bihar, Madurai & Chennai of Tamilnadu, Tadepalligudem & Cumbum of AP) to attend the inaugural meeting. He expressed the hope that representatives of these ESM Associations have gone through the approach paper on Confederation made by Cmde Sudheer Parakala, Vice President, TSEWA. The approach paper is attached. He gave out agenda for the day. He wished the day’s deliberations will auger well, for the ESMs and family pensioners who have been neglected since decades and the Confederation is the platform to bring all ESM Associations in the country together. He expressed his confidence that if the representatives of the 11 Associations go through the day’s agenda and arrive at consensus, the veteran community will have a huge umbrella under which 25 lakh ESMs and 5 Lakh family pensioners can project their grievances to the Ministry of Defence at periodical intervals through the proposed Confederation.  He thanked Col TN Raman who is the brain behind the concept of Confederation and requested him to be the moderator for the day. He also requested Col TN Raman to commence the proceedings after all the representatives introduced themselves and give a brief of their own association.

Pan India Associations

8. IESL. Col Rethinam informed that IESL is the biggest ESM association in the country with a membership of 3.76 lakhs. Theirs is the oldest ESM Association and has been recognized by the Govt of India, Ministry of Defence. They have an office in Nyaya Marg, Delhi. They are also affiliated to Commonwealth ESM Associations. IESL has chapters in each of the states and UTs. IESL has gone through the approach paper and broadly in acceptance with the concept of Confederation. Brig Kartar Singh (Retd) is the President of IESL.

9. ABPSSP. Maj Gen NN Gupta (Retd) informed that their membership is about 70,000. Service, Self-Respect & Courage are their Motto. Barring few North Eastern states and Sikkim they have branches in all the States and UTs. They are in agreement with Col TN Raman and have expressed their willingness to become a member of Confederation. They have their own office in Delhi. He also explained various activities their Association undertakes like observing Kargil Diwas, Vijay Diwas, Jhansi Rani Day and INA Diwas etc. They also carry out charitable activities to an extent of approximately Rs 4 lakhs per annum. In addition to this they also help to sort out the problems of CSD, ECHS etc. (They are) theirs is a 23 year old organization. Lt Gen V Patil (Retd) is the President of the Association. They are keen to become a member of the Confederation.

10. TSEWA. Brig CS Vidyasagar explained that TSEWA was started for the 2 Telugu Speaking States. TSEWA is just three years old organization. It has 8,900 members from all States & UTs in India and in 8 foreign countries (Canada, USA, UK, Norway, Nepal, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand). Their activities encompass three. First is organizing Awareness programmes all over India to educate ESMs and Family pensioners of their legitimate entitlements. Second is to carry out charity by which Rs 8.14 lakhs was distributed to 44 beneficiaries in the financial year 2017 – 18 and Rs 1.44 lakhs was distributed to 8 beneficiaries in financial year 2018 – 19. Third is the legal cases. 13 cases have been filed in AFT Delhi and they won three cases already. Due to this approximately Rs 8.7 crores was given to the effected ESMs and Family Pensioners. 28 more cases are in various stages of filing in AFTs Delhi, Lucknow and Jabalpur. The highest policy making body is 18 member National Executive Committee (out of this 11 are out station members), represented by all three services and all ranks (Officers, JCOs and ORs). TSEWA took the initiative and arranged a meeting at a very short notice with the RM, and invited 7 ESM organizations for the meeting on 12 Dec 2017. RM heard the points and was very positive and said that RRM will chair the meeting every quarter where ESMs can put forth their points. This is a big achievement of TSEWA.TSEWA  fully supports the idea of forming the Confederation and is willing to extend all possible support to Col TN Raman to make his dream come true.

11. War Wounded Foundation. Col Gulshan Kumar explained that their organization was raised to provide rehabilitation and settling down of war wounded soldiers. Theirs’s is not yet recognized by Govt of India. They carry out rehabilitation works to help the war wounded, to regain confidence and become productive in their retired life. They organize a number of rallies in various places to bring awareness to the citizens on the plight of war wounded soldiers. They do receive donations from various philanthropic organizations to run their Association. They are fully in agreement with the need to raise Confederation. Lt Gen Vijay Oberoi (Retd), former VCOAS is their President and Maj Gen Ian Cardozo is the Vice President.

12. Disabled War Veterans. Col Venue Madhav informed that theirs is a recognized Association of Govt of India, Ministry of Defence. The criterion of minimum membership of 1 lakh is not applicable to them. They have been formulating policies for disabled war veterans mostly in terms of their terminal benefits and other concessions like exemptions from payment of Income tax etc. Their members are war wounded soldiers. Soldiers who are disabled in peace time are not members of their Association. They have their own office in Delhi and do attend (a) meetings called by Min of Def from time to time. Capt Mahajan (Retd) is the President of their Association. Their Association fully supports the concept of Confederation of Col TN Raman and is willing to become a member of the proposed confederation.

13. War Widows Association. Cmde Sudheer Parakala (Retd), who has been authorized to represent War Widows Association read out mail received from Smt Phadnavis, Convener of War Widows Association that Smt Damayanti Tambe, wife of Flt Lt Tambe, (a fighter pilot Missing in Action in 1971 war) in her capacity as President, approved War Widows Association becoming a member of Confederation.
Other Associations

14. Retired Armed Forces Officers Association, Chennai. Brig M Narayanan (Retd) informed that their Association has been in agreement with the concept of Confederation and are happy to attend the meeting.

15. ESM League, Begusarai, Bihar. Hav Bhuwesh Kumar (Retd) informed that their Association came to know of the meeting of 19 Aug 2018 very late. They went through the Approach paper and are in full agreement with the concept of Confederation.

16. Tadepalligudem ESM Association. Sub K Chennaiah, President of the Association informed that there are about 4,000 ESMs in Tadepalligudem in West Godavari Dist., of Andhra Pradesh. Military Madhavaram, a village very close to Tadepalligudem has the distinction of sending soldiers from World War I to present day. Every family even today has one soldier and they take pride in joining Armed Forces. Their Association has decided to join the Confederation.

17. Cumbum ESM Association. Sub Maj KCH Pullaiah (Retd) of this Association informed, that they have about 3,000 members and are in the process of getting more members. They are in full agreement with the approach paper and need for the Confederation. Their Association has agreed to join the Confederation.

18. Exwel Trust, Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu. Col TN Raman, their authorized representative, informed that their Association has been rendering yeoman service in resolving many problems of ESMs and family pensioners by liaising with banks, PCDAs, Record Offices and Min of Def. Their association has about 2,000 members and is willing to join the Confederation.
Address by Col TN Raman (Rtd), Moderator of Confederation

19. Col TN Raman (Retd) informed that the concept of Confederation is not new; neither he is the author of such a concept. It was tried in 2012, but somehow due to personality clash of senior officer bearers of various Associations, the Confederation fizzled out. But being a perpetual optimist, he was convinced that in the present day when none of the political parties are interested in the welfare of the veteran community due to our lack of unity among ourselves, there is an urgent need for formation of Confederation of ESM Associations. He made it very clear that (a) Confederation is not a new organization (b) All the ESM Associations who are members of the Confederation will continue to maintain their identity and carry out their agenda (c) There is no need for any ESM Association to merge with any other ESM association (d) Confederation is only a platform to carry out negotiations at periodical intervals with Ministry of Defence to get redressal of many grievances (e) There is no admission fee or any financial expenditure to join the Confederation (f) they will retain their identity and will carry out their charter of duties as per their By Laws.

20. He expressed his utmost happiness to see 11 Associations have come to Secunderabad to form the Confederation. He made it very clear that he is not President of any ESM Association and hence he has no place in the Confederation. He informed that IESM which is spearheading OROP agitation expressed their inability to attend the meeting on 19 Aug 2019. He exhorted that there should be no untouchable among ESM Associations. Therefore in future if IESM is willing to become apolitical, they may be invited to become member of Confederation.

21. Col TN Raman (Retd) explained the urgent need for the formation of Confederation due to the impending State and general elections. The Associations are required to deliberate on the Approach paper of Cmde Sudheer Parakala (Retd) and arrive at consensus. He stated that formation of State level Confederations will take some time. Therefore there is an urgent need to form an interim Confederation at National level, who will in a couple of years, commence action to form Dist. & State level confederations. He wanted President and Vice President of the Interim Confederation to be elected. He thereafter requested Cmde Sudheer Parakala (Retd) to make a presentation on the Confederation. The MS PP slides of presentation are attached.
Presentation on Approach Paper by Cmde Sudheer Parakala (Retd)

22. Cmde Sudheer Parakala in his 45 minute presentation covered the need for Confederation to forge unity among ESMs all over India. He mentioned that in a number of states, we find in every village, town, tehsil and district there are ESM Association with membership of 50 to 100. These ESM Associations have been working at cross purposes and there is no semblance of unity. These Associations are mostly affiliated to one political party or other for allotment of plot or land or other concessions from State Govt.
Tehsil, District & State Level Confederations

23. Tehsil & District Level Confederations. The Confederation in times to come will form a formidable representation of ESMs and family pensioners. For this, we need to work from Bottom to Top. The ESM Associations have to understand that, unless they form as a member of a bigger confederation, they have no future as their numbers being small will not attract anyone’s attention. There is a need to form a Confederation with membership of 2,000 by combining various smaller ESM Associations at tehsil level. Such tehsil level confederation will form member of District level Confederation. The tehsil level confederation will elect a President and Vice President of District level Confederation. In a similar manner all district level federations will form State level Confederation with an elected President and Vice President.

24. State Level Confederation. All district level Confederations will form member of State level Confederation. They will be called CESMO (Name of the respective state), for e.g. CESMO (PUNJAB) etc. Every district President / Vice President will become member of State level Confederation. The State level Confederation when formed will project grievances of the veteran community to the Hon’ble Chief Minister / Home Minister to get their grievances which can be resolved only by State administration. The President / Vice President shall endeavor to have periodical meetings with CM / HM with all district level confederation President / Vice President or General Secretary in attendance in the meeting.

25. National Level Confederation. The State Confederations will be members of National Confederation who will elect President and Vice President. The President / Vice President shall endeavor to get periodical meetings with Hon’ble RM or Hon’ble RRM to project the grievances of veteran community.

26. Tenure. The tehsil, district, state and National confederations will have a tenure of two years. This is to enable other member Associations to become Presidents / Vice Presidents at various levels.

27. Interim National Confederation. Formation of State, District and Tehsil confederations will take some time. It is proposed to have Interim National Confederation for a period of two years. The aim is to get an audience with Hon’ble Raksha Mantri or Hon’ble RRM at the earliest. In due course of time, some of the grievances are hopefully resolved, With such achievements, it is hoped that some time in future, there is a possibility that most of the ESMs and family pensioners will join various Confederations to have one big platform at All India Level.


28. All complimented Cmde Sudhir Parakala (Retd) for a very lucid, comprehensive and detailed presentation covering all aspects of Confederation. They broadly accepted the format of the proposed confederations at all levels.

29. Col Dr GB Sethi (Retd) General Secretary & Convener of Inaugural meeting suggested that members may like to concentrate on issues at hand i.e. election of President and Vice President of Interim National Confederation.

30. Lt Col AA Rethinam wanted to make a road map, so that we all know how the Interim National Confederation will function for the time being. Cmde Sudheer Parakala explained how the Interim National Confederation will function and enumerated the duties of office bearers as under:-

(a)     President, Interim National Confederation. His duties are as under:-
(i)      To head the Interim National Confederation to formulate policies for its functioning with the concurrence of all member Associations.
(ii)      To address a letter to the Ministry of Defence intimating that National Confederation of ESM Associations has been been formed with Pan India ESM Associations to project grievances of veteran community.
(iii)     To get points for discussion with Hon’ble Raksha Mantri or Hon’ble RRM from all the other member Associations of Interim National Confederation.
(iv)    To have a meeting with all members of Interim National Confederation to shortlist points for agenda for the meeting with Hon’ble Raksha Mantri or Hon’ble RRM.
(v)     To lead the delegation with all member Associations of Interim Confederation for the meeting with Hon’ble Raksha Mantri or Hon’ble RRM.
(vi)    Each member Association has to bear their own expenses for the to and fro travel and stay in Delhi.
(vii)    Each member Association will be represented by not more than two i.e. President & Vice President / General Secretary in the meeting with the Hon’ble Raksha Mantri / Hon’ble RRM.
(viii)   To utilize secretarial support of his own Association to carry out tasks set for the Interim National Confederation.
(ix)    In case the expenses to run the National Confederation is on the higher side, then arrive at share of expenditure to be borne by all member Associations by consensus.
(x)     To disseminate the benefits granted by Ministry of Defence to all member Associations.
(xi)    To make efforts to get more ESM Associations to form confederation at Tehsil, District and State level.
(xii)    To be in communication with member Associations from time to time with the help of available means such as telephone calls, e-mails, SMS and WhatsApp.
(xiii)   If President and Vice President are not co-located, the President can take help of member Associations located nearby.
(b)     Vice President. His duties are:-
(i)      To assist President to carry out his duties.
(ii)      To perform duties of President in case of long absence of President.
(iii)     To carry out duties of ombudsman to resolve disputes likely to arise among the member Associations.
(iv)    To accompany the President for various meetings with Ministry of Defence.

31. Election of President & Vice President of Interim National Confederation of ESM Associations.  Some members suggested the name be chosen as Interim National Confederation of ESM Organizations. By consensus the same has been approved. Col TN Raman suggested the selection of President and Vice President be carried out.

32. President. Brig CS Vidyasagar (Rtd) President, TSEWA proposed President IESL be elected as President of Interim National Confederation as IESL is the largest and oldest ESM Association. It is a known face in Ministry of Defence having attended a number of meetings in the past. All the members acknowledged contribution of IESL. President IESL has been unanimously elected as President of Interim National Confederation of ESM Organizations.

33. Vice President. All the members unanimously elected President TSEWA, to be the Vice President Interim National Confederation of ESM Organizations.

34. Road Map. Col GB Sethi (Retd), General Secretary, TSEWA & convener of Inaugural meeting, stated that road map will be made once Interim National Confederation commences its functioning. The confederation will gain considerable experience in the next two years and they will be in a better position to arrive at necessary changes to its functioning enunciated in the approach paper made by Cmde Sudheer Parakala (Retd). He exhorted all member Associations of Interim National Confederation, to make sincere attempts to get more and more ESM Associations at Tehsil, District and State level to form Tehsil level, District level and State level Confederations.

35. Registration. Gp. Capt. CRR Sastry (Retd), legal advisor of TSEWA suggested that any Association must be registered with local Registrar of Societies to have legal backing. The members discussed this issue. Many of the members felt that since the purpose of the Interim National Confederation is only to get a meeting with Ministry of Defence, there may not be a requirement of registration. However, if the President, Interim National Confederation is informed by Ministry of Defence to have such a registration, then the same can be done at a later stage. Also due to Security reasons the names of the persons who will be meeting RM or RRM should be informed to the MOD. This is a Mandatory requirement.

36. Resolution. Gp Capt CRR Sastry (Retd) & Lt Col N Ravi Choudhary legal advisors, were requested to make a resolution for the formation of Interim National Confederation. After lunch, the draft resolution based on discussions was made. Cmde Sudheer Parakala read out the draft resolution. After getting some amendments from member Associations, the final resolution of the participating 11 ESM Associations to form Interim National Confederation was approved. The same was signed by all 11 member associations. The same is attached.

37. Vote of Thanks. Col Dr GB Sethi, General Secretary, TSEWA proposed a vote of thanks for all the 11 ESM Associations for taking the trouble of coming to Secunderabad and participate in the healthy deliberations. He thanked Col TN Raman for reviving the concept of Confederation by his tireless efforts. He hoped Col TN Raman will assume the role of mentor to guide the Interim National Confederation to achieve its objectives.

38. Col TN Raman expressed his utmost happiness and satisfaction that his dream of Confederation has taken a definite shape with the election of President and Vice President. He stated that he is very positive once some achievements are made, more and more ESM Associations will join the Interim National Confederation. In due course, tehsil level, district level and state level confederations will also take shape.

39. The meeting came to an end at 1700 hrs. on 19 Aug 2018 with every member Association expressing their happiness that something has been achieved and all thanked Col TN Raman (Retd) for his tireless efforts and TSEWA for organizing the inaugural meeting & their hospitality.

Warm regards,

Col Dr GB Sethi (Retd)
General Secretary, TSEWA

Convener for the Inaugural Meeting of Interim National Confederation of ESM Organizations (NCESMO)
22nd. Aug 2018, Cell 9440859877