1. Col Nagesh Gupta has instituted Madhuri Seva Fund and has been donating funds to TSEWA to meet the Tuition Fee requirement of poor meritorious children who are unable to pay the school/College fees. The third proposal constituting children from various colleges who are unable to pay the tuition fee were identified and proposals were sent to him.

2. Col Nagesh Gupta after considering the proposal has transferred a further amount of Rs. 56,840/- as per the details given below:


Sl.No Name of the Student Course Fee required to pay (Rs) Approved (Rs)
1 P. Priyanka B. Com 2nd Year 14,770 Nil
2 M. Keerthana B.Sc. 3rd Year B.Sc. 3rd Year 10,280
3 N. Ramani Bcom (Computers)1st year 5,610 10,000
4 D. Rajeswari B. Com 2nd Year 4,280 4,280
5 M. Pavani B.Sc. 3rd Year 20,000 10,000
6 Sharmila Sarkar B A (Hons) 20,000 10,000
7 Vipin Singh B.Sc. 2nd Year 11,000 Nil
8 Ranjana B.Sc. 1st Year 11,000 Nil
9 Bathina Amrutha  BSC MSCS 20,500 12,000
Total 1,07,720 56,840


3.Accordingly, TSEWA has remitted the College fees of above students.