Minutes of Virtual Meeting of the Core Committee of TSEWA held at 10:00 hrs on 21 November 2020

The following members attended:

1 Brig CS Vidyasagar President
2 Cmde Sudhir Parakala Vice President
3 Col Dr GB Sethi General Secretary
4 Brig SKS Rana, VSM Head, TSEWA Legal
5 Lt Col G Parvatheesam Treasurer
6 Col Srikantha Seshadri President, TSEWA (Karn & Goa)
7 Cdr Chandra Sekhar Legal Advisor
8 Lt Col N Krishnan USA
9 Lt Col Dr K Bhaskar Reddy Member


Points of Discussion The President welcomed all present in the meeting and thanked them for their efforts to attend the virtual meeting and appreciated the outstation members for joining the virtual meetings. President conveyed his sincere appreciation to the entire Executive Committee, Participants from various states and especially the General Secretary for a well conducted Annual General Body Meeting held on 08 Nov 2020. The President also conveyed his heartfelt condolences to Maj (Dr) B Bhikshpathy who lost his father recently. He requested the General Secretary to commence the proceedings.

1. Minutes of the AGM. The General Secretary informed that the Minutes of the AGM held on 08 Nov 20 were finalized after a few rounds of iteration and the approved Minutes were uploaded to TSEWA Blog.

2. Filing of Cases on OROP and de- classification of OMJC Report. The General Secretary explained that the present case of OROP filed in HSC by IESM came up for hearing but is once again adjourned. He suggested that TSEWA should proactively file cases on non-implementation of revision of OROP due in Jul 2018 and also for declassification of OMJC submitted by Justice Reddy on 26 Sep 2016. After prolonged discussion, it was considered prudent not to file a case against non-implementation of revision of OROP which was due in Jul 2018 as it may be construed that TSEWA has accepted revision of OROP once in five years as against revision every year which is pending final adjudication in HSC. The President Legal Division has also suggested that we have a strong case to be filed on de-classification of OMJC Report. However, he said that the AFTs in Delhi are taking too long due to overload and non-activation of a few Benches. He volunteered to be the lead litigant in the case since he is from Agra and case can be filed in AFT Lucknow. The Core Committee therefore approved filing of the case for de-classification of OMJC Report in Lucknow Bench with Brig SKS Rana, VSM as the Lead Litigant. The President stated that once the OA number is given by AFT, Lucknow Bench, he will request Presidents TSEWA in various states to file similar cases in AFTs of their state by mobilizing financial resources from within their states. Since legal fees is likely to be beyond capacity of TSEWA, it was decided that only one case be filed in AFT Lucknow for de-classification of OMJC report. The Committee authorized Brig SKS Rana, VSM to file the case in AFT Lucknow for which the President has already sent a legal brief to him to assist the advocate in AFT Lucknow.

3. CDS Letter on Increase of Retirement Ages and Reduction of Pensions. The General Secretary stated that there was a lot of resentment amongst the veteran Community on the proposal and that we should find legal remedies to stop the move in case the same is implemented.

4. Filing of AFT 20 Case in AFT Delhi. The General Secretary informed that the case of recoveries for not giving option certificate to switch over from one pay commission to another from JCOs of EME (AFT 20) was filed in AFT Delhi.

5. Donations for Building Fund. The General Secretary stated that the donations for Permanent Building for TSEWA is nearing Rs.7:00 lakhs and it was far below the expectation. The President lamented that in spite of his appeal to the General Body during AGM, there was not much encouraging news. He felt that even if all the 14,000 present Members Contributed Rs.100/- each, we will get at least Rs.14:00 lakhs. He appealed to all the Members to come forward and donate generously for the cause. He also said that if all the Members contributed Rs.100/- each every year, TSEWA would be able to do much more Charity work and run the establishment well. He regretted that the response even from the local members was disappointing and appealed to all the Members to donate generously for the above.

6. Madhuri Seva Fund. Cmde Sudheer Parakala (Retd), the Chairman Charity Division stated that the expenditure details from Madhuri Seva Fund were forwarded to Col Nagesh Gupta, the main. donor. He informed that Col Nagesh Gupta was unhappy that the feedback from the beneficiaries of Madhuri Seva Fund was lacking and that he would decide on the quantum of donation if he got regular feedback on the progress made by various students who received financial Assistance. The President also lamented that the individuals who receive financial assistance never reverted back after receiving financial help. The Chairman Charity Division informed that Col Nagesh Gupta was requested to intimate breakdown of annual funding he is willing to give to students for professional Courses, Degree and other courses to facilitate planning.

7. Financial Assistance to Ms Rishita. The Chairman Charity Division informed that Ms. Rishita from Neredmet who scored perfect 10 GPA in her 10th Class, requested for financial Assistance to pursue her 10+2 in Chaitanya College. She lost her father and mother who is only class X passed worked as a Telugu Teacher in a small school but due to COVID lockdown, lost her job. Considering Rishita’s brilliant academics, she was given a financial Assistance of Rs.25,000/- and that the cheque was presented to her by the Treasurer and the Chairman Charity Division on 17 Nov 2020.

8. Donation from Cdr Philippose. The Chairman Charity Division informed the Members that Cdr Mohan Philippose who is a Member of TSEWA has Contributed Rs.18,000/- towards the Building Fund through his daughter Ms Lara who routed the contributions received from participants of her Management workshops. The President conveyed his sincere appreciation to Cdr Philippose and his daughter Lara for the kind gesture and looked forward to continued support from them to TSEWA.

9. Progress on NCESMO. All the Members considered that it was the interest of all Veterans especially JCO/OR to come under one umbrella to achieve meaningful welfare for the Veteran Community from the Central and State Governments. The Members expressed that all ESM Organisations in all states should form District and State Level Confederations under NCESMO Umbrella. The President agreed that in his capacity as Vice President of NCESMO, he would appeal to all the State Presidents of TSEWA to motivate all the ESM Organisations in their respective states to form the Confederations as outlined in the approach paper.

There being no further points, the meeting was closed at 12:15 PM. It was decided that the next meeting of the Core Committee would be held on Google Virtual platform at 1000 hrs on 12 Dec 2020 and the second Saturday and 26 Dec 2020 the fourth Saturday.

Brig CS Vidyasagar (Retd)

President, TSEWA