Guidelines for Fresh ECHS Card

Check List For ECHS Membership

  1. Completed Application form in two copies (Original + one photocopy).  Application form is available in website  (Home / Downloads / ECHS membership & upgradation form / ECHS form for membership Rev 2015).
  1. Three Photographs (one to be pasted on original application form, one for temporary slip and one with file).
  1. Affidavit on Rs 10/- Non Judicial Stamp Paper duly attested by Notary.  Format given at  website (Home / Downloads / ECHS membership &upgradation form / ECHS form for membership (Rev 2015) / Page No 5 of Detailed General Instructions.)
  1. Certificate from Bank disbursing pension. Format given at website (Home / Downloads / ECHS membership & upgradation form / ECHS form for membership (Rev 2015) / Page No 7 of Detailed General Instructions.)
  2. Photocopy of PPO.  (Photocopy self attested).
  1. Photocopy of discharge certificate. (Photocopy self attested).
  1.  Demand draft (for smart card) Rs -135/- per card in favour of RC ECHS.  (Presently DD is not required till further instructions).
  1. If a Veteran has retired between 01 Jan 1996 to 31 Mar 2004 (both dates included): One copy of MRO in original to be attached with the application).  Format given at website (Home / Downloads / ECHS membership & upgradation form / ECHS form for membership (Rev 2015) / Page No 6 of Detailed General Instructions.)

Verification of Application 

The documents  will be verified as  below:-
(a)     Retirees/Dependents: Photographs of pers proceeding on retirement  and their dependents to be attested/verified by CO/OC units.
(b)  ESM and Dependents. Photographs of ESM and dependents to be attested/verified by Stn HQs/ECHS Cells.

 Certificate from Bank/DPDO for Pre-2004 Retirees

  1. ECHS beneficiaries, who have retired prior to 2004 and apply for ECHS Smart Card should submit a DPDO/Banker’s certificate reflecting the stoppage of FMA.
  1. To avoid any anomalies, only computer generated pension payment slip reflecting the stoppage of FMA will be accepted.  Hand written DPDO/Banker’s Certificate will not be accepted.

Authority: Central Organisation ECHS letter No. B/49711/AG/ECHS dt 13 Feb 2013.


  1. The Certificate of Not drawing FMA can be obtained from PDA which may be DPDO or Banks. Or you can pansion slip will also sohow if you are drawing FMA or not in which case it will also work. If you are drawing pension from DPDO, approach them to give the certificate. This is basically required to be submitted by veterans who retired before Mar 2003 when ECHS was not compulsory, however who became member after ECHS came into being, some are still drawing FMA which is not permitted. All such veterans or family pensioners are required the get the certificate for uploading the application for 64kb card. It is not applicable for Offrs as they donot get FMA.

  2. I am applying online for 64k ECHS Card. As i have been asked to attach DPDO certificate i want to know from where wil i get that certificate so that i can upload it online.

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