Minutes of the Virtual/ Physical Meeting of the TSEWA National Executive Committee held on 26 Nov 2022

Minutes of the Virtual/ Physical Meeting of the TSEWA National Executive Committee  held at 1000 Hrs on 26 Nov 2022

Attendance: The meeting was attended by the following:-

  1. Cmde Sudheer Parakala          President, in Chair
  2. Brig CS Vidyasagar                    Chief Mentor
  3. Lt Col G Parvathesam              General Secretary
  4. Col Venkatesh Mahadevan     Treasurer
  5. Cdr Chandra Shekhar                Joint Secretary
  6. Hony Capt MN Reddy               Joint Secretary
  7. Col Ajit Singh Rana                    President TSEWA, North Zone
  8. Maj Gen SN Mukherjee             President TSEWA, East Zone
  9. Cmde KS Sandhu                       President TSEWA, West Zone
  10. Col Srikantha Seshadri             President TSEWA, Karnataka
  11. Col CM Unnithan                       President TSEWA, Chennai Metro
  12. WO Thiruchelvam                     President TSEWA, Tamil Nadu
  13. Hony Capt B Joseph                  Member
  14. Lt Col Dr. Bhaskara Reddy       Member
  15. Maj Dr. B Bhikshapathy           Member

The President welcomed all present in the meeting and requested the General Secretary to carry on proceedings.

Item No. 1. Minutes of the Last NEC Meeting:  The General Secretary read out minutes of the last NEC meeting and explained the progress on each point. Regarding Recognition of TSEWA, the President informed that TSEWA has not received any letter so far on the subject, but hoped to receive a positive reply from MOD. He requested Col Ajit Singh Rana to liaise with MOD and expedite reply.
Action: Col Ajit Singh Rana is requested to do the needful.

Item No. 2.  Problems due to SPARSH Migration:   The President informed that SPARSH migration is creating number of problems to the veterans. He appreciated the efforts of Help Line Warriors in submission of Digital Life Certificates of ESM and widows in October/ November 2022 as under:-

  1. Hav Janendra Sahoo generated about 1700 DLCs.
  2. Hav Harish Asthana generated about 1000 DLCs.
  3. Brig CS Vidyasagar, Hony Capt B Joseph, Hony Capt MN Reddy and Mr Anand operated a help desk at ECHS Polyclinic Secunderabad and generated 685 DLCs. Brig CS Vidyasagar informed that the team has used Face Recognition Method for the people whose finger prints were not being recognized.
  4. Cmde KS Sandhu and his team has generated about 50 DLCs.
  5. Col CM Unnithan informed that with the help of OIC ECHS Polyclinic, Chennai, they have opened a help desk and generated DLCs of number of ESM/ Widows.

The President suggested that all State/ Zonal Presidents to establish Help Desks in their area of responsibility by September 2023 so that they can help ESM in their area. They can purchase Finger Print device, etc. required for the purpose, the cost of which will be reimbursed by TSEWA. Further, he requested them to identify the areas where such facilities can be created and project their requirements for the same.
Maj Dr. B Bhikshapathy informed that as per the letters from PCDA on SPARSH Migration, the pensioners have to submit a fresh Digital Life Certificate through SPARSH once their accounts are migrated to SPARSH. Further, it is learnt that PCDA has agreed to collect the information of latest phone number and email id, etc. of ESM from banks. He hoped that DLC submitted through Jeevan Pramaan etc. submitted to the Banks are accepted by SPARSH/PCDA.   Col Ajit Singh Rana clarified that there is no such information from PCDA and all ESM have to submit their DLC again through SPARSH, once their accounts are migrated to SPARSH, tentatively by March 2023.
Action:  All Zonal/ State Presidents are requested to do the needful.

Item No. 3. Awareness Camp at Kolkata: Maj Gen SN Mukherjee explained the details of the program and assured that necessary arrangements are being done for smooth conduct of the program on 08 Jan 23, as scheduled.  Hony Capt B Joseph suggested for vide publicity of the program in advance and also arrangements to be made for TSEWA Membership drive during the Awareness Camp.
Action:  Maj Gen SN Mukherjee is requested to do the needful.  

Item No. 4. AFT Cases of TSEWA:  The President informed that he has spoken to TSEWA Advocate Brig Srivastava on the subject.  About 16 Judges/ Administrative Officers are posted to AFTs recently and hoped that our cases will be progressing from January 2023 or so.
Action:  Nil.

Item No. 5. TSEWA Welfare Activity Report: The General Secretary informed that number of Front Line Warriors have informed him that they are busy with generation of DLCs at present and may not be able to send their reports for this month.
Action:   All Frontline Warriors are requested to send their reports at least from next month onwards.

Item No. 6. Visit of Cdr Prem Prakash to TSEWA Office: The President appreciated the visit of  Cdr Prem Prakash, who is a 87 year old NRI Officer and was the first Officer to donate Rs 1 lac to TSEWA in the beginning. He has shown keen interest in the functioning of TSEWA and assured maximum support to TSEWA.
Action:  Nil.

Item No. 7. Multi-Purpose Walking Stick : The TSEWA NEC congratulated and appreciated Lt Col Dr. Bhaskara Reddy, who has deigned and fabricated the stick for which he is awarded recognition by the Telangana State Government. Cmde KS Sandhu suggested to name it TSEWA Multi-Purpose Stick and apply for the Patent of the design.
Action:  Nil.  

Item No. 8. TSEWA Membership Form : Cmde KS Sandhu and Col Srikantha Seshadri has informed that the TSEWA membership form  displayed on internet is an old form  and it does not contain the  present office address of TSEWA and QR Code for payment of Membership Fee/ Donations to TSEWA.
Action:  The General Secretary is requested to do the needful.

There being no further points, the meeting was closed at 11:40 AM and decided to hold the next NEC meeting on 10 December 2022.

Sudheer Parkala
Commodore, IN (Retd)
President, TSEWA


  1. Lt Col Sudesh Kumar Sharma (Retd)

    Thanks and congratulations for helping our veterans in generating DLC and preparing for the year 2023. Sir I live in Canada and noted that our veterans are struggling to deal with SPARASH as their application/website does not work as such they have no idea how to handle their migration to SPARASH , although they are aware that Banks/pension paying agencies are accepting life certificates on behalf of SPARASH and they will get their pension. The another issue is that our life certificates are signed at the end of November and we use e mail to send them so that they can accept it and pension is continued , it is noted that Banks do not confirm the receipt of our life corticates and we do not know whether our life certificate has been received or not and to check this we have to search for help locally and request them to check from the bank , this is causing great difficulties to the veterans here.
    I am happy to note that our AFT cases will not be processed faster due to recent appointment of judges in AFT. At the end I wish you all great health and good wishes for the new years.
    with regards to each one of you including your administrative staff

    December 9, 2022 Reply
  2. Laxman Kumar

    Very good. I am Laxman Kumar, Petty Officer(Retd) from Indian Navy. Presently serving Punjab National Bank as Deputy Manager at Nawabganj Dist Bareilly U.P. I have also generated 15- 20 DLC with Jeevan Pramman app and Aadhar Face RD at various locations of Bareilly. SPARSH migration is major issue to old aged pensioners. My contact no. 9897837770. Always ready to help.

    December 4, 2022 Reply

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