Minutes of the TSEWA National Executive Committee Meeting held on 25 Sep 2021

Minutes of the Virtual Meeting of the TSEWA National Executive Committee held at 1000 hrs on 25 Sep 2021

The meeting was attended by the following:-

  1. Cmde Sudheer Parakala             President, in Chair
  2. Col N Sitaramaiah                        Vice President
  3. HFO AV Reddy                              Vice President
  4. Lt Col G Parvathesam                 General Secretary
  5. Cdr Chandra Shekhar                 Joint Secretary
  6. Hony Capt MN Reddy                 Joint Secretary
  7. Brig CS Vidyasagar                      Chief Mentor, TSEWA
  8. Cmde Ashok Kota                       President TSEWA, South Zone
  9. Maj Gen SN Mukherjee              President TSEWA, East Zone
  10. Col Ajit Singh Rana                      President TSEWA, NCR
  11. Brig Suresh Nair                          President TSEWA, Kerala
  12. WO Thiruchelvam                       President TSEWA, Tamilnadu
  13. Cmde KS Sandhu                        President TSEWA, West Zone
  14. Col Srikantha Seshadri              President TSEWA, Karnataka
  15. Lt Col LM Singh                           President TSEWA, North East
  16. Maj Dr. B Bhikshapathy             Member
  17. Lt Col Dr. Bhaskara Reddy       Member
  18. Lt Col VRRS Ramana Reddy     Member
  19. Mrs Rekha Sekhri                       Hony Member

The President welcomed all present in the meeting and thanked them for their efforts to attend the virtual meeting. He requested the General Secretary to commence the proceedings.

Item No.1. TSEWA Social Media Account:   General Secretary informed that TSEWA had spent approximately Rs 55 lacs- for the permanent office accommodation including about Rs 30 lacs from TSEWA Corpus Fund. He stated that it was a matter of concern that the general donations from Members are not forthcoming this year. He therefore requested Members to discuss the suggestion put forth by the President about putting TSEWA on the social Media map for spread of awareness amongst public so that Donors from the environment donate to TSEWA based on the good work that TSEWA does through charity and other activities.

The subject was discussed at length and TSEWA NEC accepted the proposal for opening pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Mrs Rekha Sekhri was requested to help Mr. Anand, office Manager to create the above accounts and regularly post good stories to cover the activities of TSEWA.

TSEWA Chief Mentor Brig CS Vidyasagar suggested that we create YouTube videos on ESM matters so that ESM can be informed about latest developments regarding pensions etc and also about various welfare activities being carried out by the TSEWA. Once TSEWA videos are seen by more and more people it can generate some income also.

Item No.2. Hony N/Sub Case:  General Secretary informed that a draft Execution Petition was prepared by Col Ravi Chowdahary for circulation and improvement. The President directed that the draft may be circulated to all concerned for improvement and thereafter sent to Brig SKS Rana, VSM and Col Ajit Singh Rana for filing a case in the AFT.

Item No.3. Anomalies of OROP: Brig CS Vidyasagar explained that TSEWA has submitted 42 anomalies to honorable justice Narsimha Reddy, the One Man Judicial Commission (OMJC). The OMJC report is under scrutiny at MOD for more than 6 years now and it is not likely to come out in near future. Therefore, he suggested TSEWA to file cases in suitable courts, few cases at a time. TSEWA NEC accepted the suggestion and requested him to prepare legal briefs for the following anomalies to start with:-

(a)        Enhancing pension of pre 20013 pensioners in OROP scheme by 3% per year for longer service.
(b)       Amendment of period of Enhanced Rate of Ordinary Family Pension to widows of Armed Forces Personnel who die prematurely or on retirement.
(c)        Enhancing Pension beyond 33 years of service to Pensioners of Armed Forces.

Item No.4. Case of OROP implementation in 2019:  The General Secretary informed that the case in the honorable High Court of Telangana, Hyderabad came for hearing and next date of hearing is on 28 October 2021. 

Item No.7. ISO Certification of TSEWA: The General Secretary informed that the certificate has expired and the renewal process of certification is likely to be completed in next 15 days or so.

Item No 8. TSEWA Charity Works: President, TSEWA Charity Division, Col N Sitaramaiah informed that  about Rs 25,000/- per quarter are available for Charity Works, out of which Rs 16,000/- have been disbursed to a deserving student and Rs 9000/- to an ESM family.

Item No 9. Case of AFT 28B: Col Ajit Singh Rana informed that the case has been accepted by Brig SK Srivastava, TSEWA Advocate at Delhi, for litigants of Army and Airforce. For Navy Litigants, efforts are on to find a lead litigant from Delhi to facilitate filing of the case.

Item No 10. TSEWA Zonal Presidents: The President informed that Sqn Ldr  Amitav Chatterjee, President of TSEWA, Maharstra State resigned for personal reasons. He proposed that Cmde KS Sandhu, President Mumbai Metro be approved as the President of Maharstra State in his place. The NEC unanimously approved the proposal. The President requested the General Secretary to forward the complete list of Members of the state to Cmde KS Sandhu to facilitate formation of WhatsApp Groups in the state.

Item No 11. Super Seniors Pension on completion of 79 Years of age: The matter was discussed at length and decided to wait for 6 months to know the reaction of the Government of India and thereafter file a suitable case in the AFT / HSC.

 There being no further points, the meeting was closed at 1:20 PM and decided to hold the next NEC Meeting on 09 October 2021.

Cmde Sudheer Parkala (Retd)

President, TSEWA

Commissioned into the Indian Navy on 25 Mar 1970, an alumnus of Defence Services Staff College and College of Defence Management. Served in various ships for 9 years including commissioning of India's First Guided Missile Destroyer INS Rajput. Important shore appointments include Dy Naval Attache, Moscow, DS at CDM, Director Naval Plans, Principal Director Procurement at NHQ, Chief Staff Officer (LA&P) at ENC and HF at CDM. Took pre-mature retirement after 32 years service at the peak of career before the Promotion Board to the Flag Rank on compassionate Grounds. At Present totally dedicated to the Ex-Servicemen Welfare and is the President of East & South Zones of TSEWA



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