Minutes of Virtual Meeting of the 6th Annual General Body of TSEWA held on 27 Jun 2021

Minutes of Virtual Meeting of the 6th Annual General Body of TSEWA held at 1000 hrs on 27 Jun 2021


The meeting was attended by the following:-

  1. Brig CS Vidyasagar                President, in Chair
  2. Cmde Sudheer Parakala       Vice President
  3. Col Dr. GB Sethi                      General Secretary
  4. Lt Col G Parvathesam           Treasurer
  5. Hony Capt B Joseph               Joint Secretary
  6. Brig SKS Rana, VSM               Head, TSEWA Legal
  7. Hony Capt MN Reddy           President TSEWA,Telangana
  8. Maj Gen SN Mukherjee        President TSEWA,West Bengal
  9. WO Thiruchelvam                 President TSEWA, Tamilnadu
  10. Cmde KS Sandhu                  President TSEWA, Mumbai Metro
  11. Col Srikantha Seshadri         President TSEWA, Karnataka
  12. Col Col Ajit Singh Rana         President TSEWA, North,West NCR
  13. Hav Harish Asthana              President TSEWA, UP
  14. Col CAJ Swamy                       President TSEWA, AP
  15. Hony SM Subbarao K           President TSEWA, AP (Coastal Area)
  16. Sgt Unni Rayireth                  President TSEWA, Kerala (Palakkad)
  17. HFO A V Reddy
  18. Col Nitteguthu Sharath Bhandary
  19. Brig Narayanaswamy
  20. Lt Col Vijai Chandra Salins
  21. Lt Col Dr K Bhaskar Reddy
  22. Maj Dr. B Bhikshapathy
  23. Cdr Chandra Shekar
  24. Mrs Rekha Sekhri
  25. Maj Ak Dhanapalan
  26. Cdr Mohan Philip
  27. Cmde Ashok Kota
  28. Cham Jugbir Singh
  29. Col Kamal Dadwal
  30. Col Nagesh Gupta
  31. Col Sitaramaiah Nagabothu
  32. Col B Jayaraj Naidu
  33. Col Madhu Nayar
  34. Col Niranjan Pandey
  35. Gp Capt Madhusudan Vithal Nori
  36. Hfo Jay Kumar Prasad
  37. Lt Col G K Reddy
  38. Lt Col Rajendra Sanawar
  39. Lt Col Lt Col G K Reddy
  40. Maj Bhushanam Knaga
  41. Maj Suresh Dhawan
  42. Maj Joy Koruthu
  43. Maj Raju ESM
  44. Nk Anil Kharule
  45. Sgt Nishit Roy
  46. Sub Ramagopal Tummala
  47. Spr M Kathavarayan
  48. Sub Maj Venu Gopal
  49. Wg Cdr Raviandra Kadambi
  50. Col Asit Basak
  51. Col HKL Anand
  52. Veteran Srinivas Reddy
  53. Veteran Gautam Banerjee
  54. Veteran Raju Ch
  55. Veteran Vijay Kumar

The President welcomed all present in the meeting and thanked them for their efforts to attend the virtual meeting. He requested the General Secretary to commence the proceedings.

1.    Annual General Body Meeting: Gen Secretary informed that the notice for the AGM was sent on 27 April21 and agenda points were circulated on 30 May 21. In all, more than 12000 TSEWA members were informed by means of email / SMS/ WhatsApp. In addition notice for holding AGM was made as an advertisement in major newspaper in English and Hindi to enable the members who may not have email ids or smart phones to attend the AGM in virtual mode. He requested the President, Brig CS Vidyasagar to deliver his welcome address. 

2.   Welcome Address: President explained the brief history of TSEWA, how it started in 2015 and about the First Annual General Body Meeting. He informed that as per suggestion given by Brig SKS Rana, tenure of first Management Committee was fixed for an extended duration of 6 years. He appreciated the magnanimity of Col GB Sethi who has vacated his garage and refurbished it by spending more than Rs 1,50,000/- and allowed TSEWA office to function from it. He thanked all the esteemed donors from all over India and other countries such as USA, Canada, Malaysia and Norway, because of which TSEWA is able to run its office and carry out various awareness camps and charity activities. He explained about the relentless efforts put in by Bhishma Pitamaha of TSEWA, Col Dr. GB Sethi in bringing up the TSEWA and requested him to continue his service as the Mentor of TSEWA. He informed the members that TSEWA is proud to be the only ESM organization in our country which is conducting awareness camps, charity activities and bestowed the ISO Certification and exemption of income tax under IT act 80 G and 12 AA.

He appreciated the efforts of the Vice-President, Cmde Sudheer Parakala in holding  of various awareness camps, explaining various pension issues and his services as Chairman of Charity Division in identifying genuine beneficiaries and helping them in time. He praised the Treasurer, Lt Col G Parvathesam for his hard work in looking after the accounts and getting the IT exemption for TSEWA. He appreciated  the Joint Secretary, Hony Capt B Joseph for his services in awareness camps and membership drive.

He explained the relentless efforts of Head TSEWA Legal Division, Brig SKS Rana and all State/ Zonal Presidents and various Specialists helping the ESM and Veer Naris.

3.  Minutes of 5thABM: General Secretary explained the minutes of the last AGM. The minutes were approved by the AGM as proposed by Col Sharath Bhandary and seconded by Brig SKS Rana.

4.  Accounts for the year 2020-21: General Secretary explained the audited Accounts which were sent to all members and the AGM approved them as proposed by Col CAJ Swamy and seconded by Gp Capt MV Nori.

5.  Budget for the year 2021-22: TreasurerLt Col G Parvathesam explained the proposed budget for financial year 2021-22. He explained the income from fixed deposits held in SBI, Bhaskar Rao Nagar, Secunderabad and donations from member was just adequate to run TSEWA. On query from Col Sharath Bhandary, he replied that the expenditure to run TSEWA office is approximately Rs 1 lakh per month to include staff salaries, maintenance of office equipment, awareness programmes, tours of managing committee members and charitable activities account for Rs 5 lakhs leaving very little for any further investments.  The AGM approved it as proposed by Col Sharath Bhandary and seconded by Col Ajit Singh Rana.

6.  Auditor for the year 2021-22: General Secretary informed that Mr PSR Reddy has been providing the services of auditor for TSEWA for the last 6 years satisfactorily. He was charging Rs 35,000/- per year so far and requested for an increase to Rs 60,000/- per year, which has been approved in last TSEWA Core Committee Meeting. AGM approved the auditor at the rate of Rs 60,000/- per year as proposed by Maj Dr. B Bhikshapathy and seconded by Brig SKS Rana.

7.  Other Activities & Landmarks of Achievements of TSEWA:  General Secretary explained the Landmark Achievements of TSEWA and informed that awareness camps etc could not be conducted last year due to prevailing Covid situation in the country. He praised the services of National Executive Committee Members, State/ Zonal Presidents, Various Subject Experts and Par Excellent Performers of TSEWA. Details of these members are included in the PPT slides of the AGM attached with this minutes.

8.  Launching of TSEWA Website: President, Brig CS Vidyasagar has launched the TSEWA Website and appreciated untiring efforts of Mrs Rekha Sekhri, wife of Lt Col Raj Sekhri (8 GR) and Maj Dr. B Bhikshapathy in upgrading TSEWA website which can be viewed at www.tsewa.org. He also explained and appreciated the impressive progress made by Maj Dr. B Bhikshapathy, who rose from ranks and awarded Ph. D. in Communication Engineering by Jawaharlal Technical University, Hyderabad.

 9.  Identification of Prospective Zonal Presidents: General Secretary expressed his concern over the improvement in functioning of TSEWA and informed that there is an urgent need to identify Zonal Presidents for all districts where ESM concentration is more.

 10. Charity Activities: Chairman Charity Division, Cmde Sudheer Parakala explained various charity activities and informed that TSEWA has spent    Rs 32,40,960/-  so far for this noble cause. He appreciated the kind heart and magnanimity of Col Nagesh Chandra Gupta, who has helped number of poor students and their families during this Covid pandemic through TSEWA (Madhuri Sewa) Fund established in memory of his wife, Late Mrs Madhuri Gupta. Further, he requested all State/ Zonal Presidents to follow the guide lines and check list for recommendation for charity Grants provided in the TSEWA Website under Charity Committee.

11.  Legal Cases:   Brig SKS Rana explained position of various AFT cases. He informed that number of Judicial/ Administrative Members did not join AFTs in view of Covid situation and hoped that our AFT cases will progress as and when situation improves.

12.  TSEWA Office Building: General Secretary informed that TSEWA has received Rs 10,41,115 /- so far as donations from TSEWA members and requested for more donations as the requirement is about Rs 40-50 lakhs. Col Nagesh Chandra Gupta has informed that there are number donors in USA to help for such causes and TSEWA should obtain permission from Home Ministry of India to receive donations from abroad.

13.  NCESMO: Cmde Sudheer Parakala explained the origin and present state of NCESMO. He explained the meeting of ESM under NCESMO with erstwhile honorable Raksha Mantri Mrs Nirmala Sitaraman and hoped for such meetings will be there with present honourable Raksha Mantri Shri Rajnath Singh, once Covid situation improves. Further, he requested all Zonal/ State Presidents to encourage ESM organization in their area to understand the concept of NCESMO explained on TSEWA Website and try to make as many State Confederations as possible. He informed that NCESMO started with 13 ESM Organizations initially when it was formed in Secunderabad and now has 27 organizations.

14.  Points Received from Members: General Secretary informed that he has received 10 points from members in writing, for consideration by TSEWA. He explained the points received and requested the new Management Committee to be elected soon, to consider those points for implementation.

Maj Gen SN Mukherjee has appreciated Brig CS Vidyasagar for his continuous efforts in bringing up the TSEWA to such a respectable level and also thanked Col Nagesh Chandra Gupta for his magnanimity in helping the poor students

Maj Dr. B Bhikshapthy requested all Zonal/ State Presidents to join the fortnightly TSEWA Core Committee Meetings, being virtual meetings, so that they can contribute for more effective functioning of TSEWA.

15.  New Management Committee of TSEWA: Returning Officer, Cmde Kuldeep Sandhu (Retd) has informed that he has received only one nomination for each appointment of TSEWA Management Committee and therefore the election is unanimous. He declared the following as elected as office bearers of TSEWA Management Committee and congratulated them:-

President                          :   Cmde Sudheer Parakala

Vice-Presidents                :   Col N Sitaramaiah

                                               HFO AV Reddy

General Secretary             :   Lt Col G Parvatheesam

Joint Secretaries               :   Cdr Chandra Shekhar

                                                Hony Capt MN Reddy

Treasurer                         :   Lt Col VC Salins

16.  Vote of Thanks: Hony Capt B Joseph, Joint Secretary conveyed the vote of thanks on behalf of TSEWA to all members present for the AGM and all the members who have contributed for keeping the TSEWA flag flying high. He requested all the members to help TSEWA in its membership drive with a slogan of   “Each One- Catch One”.

There being no further points, the meeting was closed at 1:20 PM.

Brig CS Vidyasagar (Retd)
President, TSEWA

Click here to see the Power Point presentation of Col Dr G B Sethi, General Secretary, TSEWA.

Here are some screen shots of the attendees of the 6th Annual General Body meeting of TSEWA held virtually on 27 June 2021.

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