Minutes of TSEWA Core Committee Meeting held on 12 June 2021

Minutes of Virtual Meeting of the Core Committee of TSEWA held at 1000 hrs on 12 June 2021

The following members attended:

  1. Cmde Sudheer Parakala            Vice-President, in Chair
  2. Col Dr GB Sethi                            General Secretary
  3. H/Capt B Joseph                           Joint Secretary
  4. Col Ajit Singh Rana                      President, TSEWA (North, West)
  5. Col Srikatha Seshadri                  President, TSEWA (Goa &Karnataka)
  6. Cmde Kuldip Sandhu                  President, TSEWA (Mumbai Metro)
  7. Cdr Chandra Shekhar                 TSEWA (Hyd ) Legal Head
  8. H/Capt MN Reddy                        President, TSEWA (Telangana)
  9. Sgt RR Unni                                   President, TSEWA (Palakkad Dist.)
  10. Cmde Ashok Kota                        Member
  11. Lt Col Dr. K Bhaskar Reddy        Member
  12. Maj Dr. B Bhikshapathy              Member
  13. Lt Col Vijay Salins                         Member
  14. Mrs Rekha Sekhri                         Member

The Vice-President welcomed all present in the meeting and thanked them for their efforts to attend the virtual meeting and requested the General Secretary to commence the proceedings.

Points of Discussion

Item No. I – Next AGM: General Secretary informed that the Notice for the AGM was issued on 27.4.21 and the Agenda Points were sent to about 10,500 members of TSEWA by email or whatsapp or SMS. Nominations for the next National Executive Committee have been asked. Cmde Kuldeep Singh Sandhu is the Returning Officer for the election. Last date for receiving the nominations is 21 June 21. General Secretary informed that the Accounts of TSEWA will be hopefully audited by next week or so. He told that there was a mail from TSEWA member about the legality of conduction of AGM virtually. He clarified that the Chartered Accountant has confirmed that there is no legal problem in  conduct of Virtual AGM. Further, he informed that all the accounts etc are ready to be handed over to the next elected Executive Committee and requested that the New Team should visit TSEWA Office on 28 June 21, so that proper Handing/ Taking over can be conducted.

Item No. II – Madhuri Sewa Fund:  General Secretary expressed his concern over the TSEWA functioning as a Post Office for disbursement of charity grants from Madhuri Sewa Fund. Col Ajit Rana suggested that TSEWA should not accept the decision making by the donor. Maj Dr. B Bhikshapathy suggested that TSEWA shall continue using Madhuri Sewa Fund, keeping in view the Covid situation and pitiable condition of students and their parents, as long as it does not become a burden for TSEWA Office Staff, to process these grants. The Vice-President explained that Col Nagesh Gupta is 94 years old veteran and requested TSEWA to help him to release grants to poor and meritorious students, which is an accepted policy of TSEWA. Regarding the identification and assessment of conditions of the students and their parents, Principals of the respective colleges are doing the job. TSEWA is issuing cheques to Students or Parents accounts, so that there is no misappropriation of grants. In the complete process, TSEWA Office Staff is involved in preparing the cheques only. Secondly, in the absence of any progress in the AFT cases, TSEWA is not able to do any other credible activity. In view of the above, it is decided to continue processing of grants from TSEWA (Madhuri Sewa) Fund and help the poor and meritorious students during this COVID period.

Item No. III – OROP Case: General Secretary informed that the legal fees is pouring in continuously and about Rs 12 lacs have been received so far from 491 members. He expressed his anguish over the future of this case, as Brig SKS Rana, the Legal Head, was not consulted before the decision to file the case. The Vice-President explained that the case was discussed in detail in the Core Committee Meeting, where TSEWA President, Brig CS Vidyasagar was present. Probably, it would have been better, if the case was discussed with Brig SKS Rana, before initiating the mail to TSEWA members. Since, a decision was already taken to file the case and after so many veterans joining the case, TSEWA should proceed with filing the case in the High Court at Hyderabad.  He hoped that Brig SKS Rana must have spoken to the Advocate from Hyderabad as decided in the Core Committee Meeting, when Brig SKS Rana was present.

Item IV – Fee of Chartered Accountant:  General Secretary informed that present Chartered Accountant has been working with TSEWA for the last five years at an annual fee of Rs 35000/- without any increase annually. He informed that the Chartered Accountant has requested for an increase of fee to Rs 60,000/- per year. The Core Committee discussed at length about the prevailing rates and approved  increasing the fee to Rs 60,000/- per year.

Item V – Progress of TSEWA Website: The Vice-President appreciated the efforts of Mrs Rekha Sekhri and Maj Dr. B Bhikshapathy in progressing the website work. He informed that the website has been soft launched at the designated and contracted server of Hosting Raja from the server of M/s Aaradhya Technologies and minor corrections are in progress. He requested the members to visit the website at www.tsewa.org and suggest corrections, if any, as the website is to be officially launched on 27 Jun 21, during the next AGM.

Item VI – Vote of Thanks to out going Core Committee: Cmde KS Sandhu appreciated the untiring efforts and yeomen service of Col Dr. GB Sethi in running the TSEWA office smoothly for the last 5 years or so. Maj Dr. B Bhikshapathy has told that Col GB Sethi has been Bhishma Pitamaha of TSEWA and requested that he and Brig CS Vidyasagar should be continuously guiding the new team. He proposed to create new appointments like, Chief Patron or Chief Advisor, etc., to avail the services of outgoing President and General Secretary. The Vice President stated that this would be the last Core Committee Meeting under the tenure of the present EC and conveyed his sincere appreciation to Col (Dr) Sethi for well coordinated and conducted meetings. He requested the Members to continue attending the Core Committee meetings under the newly elected EC on 11 Jul 2021 onwards and assured that in addition to physical meeting, the virtual meetings would also continue for the benefit of out-station members attending the Core Committee Meetings even after the COVID restrictions are removed.

There being no further points, the meeting was closed at 11:30 AM.

Cmde Sudheer Parakala (Retd)
Vice- President, TSEWA

Commissioned into the Indian Navy on 25 Mar 1970, an alumnus of Defence Services Staff College and College of Defence Management. Served in various ships for 9 years including commissioning of India's First Guided Missile Destroyer INS Rajput. Important shore appointments include Dy Naval Attache, Moscow, DS at CDM, Director Naval Plans, Principal Director Procurement at NHQ, Chief Staff Officer (LA&P) at ENC and HF at CDM. Took pre-mature retirement after 32 years service at the peak of career before the Promotion Board to the Flag Rank on compassionate Grounds. At Present totally dedicated to the Ex-Servicemen Welfare and is the President of East & South Zones of TSEWA

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    1. The Case for OROP, where it is has informed that Brig R K S Rana had not been consulted being the legal head, I hope after due discussion and consideration, the case would be filed.


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