Nodal Officers at PCDA(P) /PCDA (N) / JCDA (AF)

As Fwd By  Col Veeramani & Veteran Joseph Thomas
Nodal Officers for OROP and Allied Matters at PCDAs
This is also available at Page 20 of http://www.pcdapension.nic. in/6cpc/Circular-555.pdf 

In case of any doubt relating to revision of pension in terms of these orders, PDAs(Banks)/affected pensioners
may immediately take up the matter with Nodal Officers of the respective PSAs by name as under:-

For  Officers

Army: Shri. R.B.Sharma, Sr. AO(P)
O/o the PCDA (P) Allahabad- 211014
Phone – 0532-2421877 Extn. 144 Email –
Navy: Smt Vandana Shetty, Sr. AO
O/o the PCDA (NAVY), Mumbai- 400039
Phone – 022-22696139 Email –
AirForce: Shri Ravinder Grover, Sr.AO
O/o the JCDA (Air Force) New Delhi- 110066
Phone – 011-25695012
Email –

For JCOs/ORs

Army:  Shri S.C. Saroj, Sr. A.O(P)
O/o the PCDA (P) Allahabad- 211014
Phone – 0532-2421877 Ext. 206 Email –

Navy: Smt Vandana Shetty, Sr.A.O
O/o the PCDA (NAVY), Mumbai- 400039
Phone – 022-22696139 Email –
Air Force:  Shri Amar Singh, Sr. A.O
O/o the Jt. CDA (Air Force) New Delhi
Phone – 011-25695012
Note: Pension cases to be  in respect of all pensioners and family pensioners of Air Force and Navy retired/discharged/invalided out up to 31.10.1985  be forwarded to the PCDA (P) Allahabad. and  those after 31.10.1985  be forwarded to  Jt. CDA (Air Force), Subroto Park, New Delhi and PCDA (Navy), Mumbai.respectively


  1. In case of Sqn. Ldr. rank and its equivalents are drawing 5 different kinds pension. OROP has crated utter confusion. Had OROP not been there, then it would have been left to the Pay Commission to take in to account of Qualifying Service and accordingly fixed the pension. Since 16 December, 2004, no Officer of the rank of Sqn. Ldr. has retired. It is the responsibility of CDA to formulate the Table which justifies all cases. Lots of litigation are pending in the AFTs. Many representations have been made to various Organisation but of no avail. Dte. of Air Veteran and CDAs even do not bother to reply to the representation. At least somebody should take responsibility to resolve issues. OMJC on OROP is put under scanner.

  2. In true sence OROP(One Rank One Pension) brought in effect from 01-0702014 is misnomer. It should be ORFP(One Rank Five Pension) till 2019, when equalisation of Pension shall take place as promised by Govt. By then a lot of confusion shall prevail, as many Officers shall not have been retired with equitable year of Qualifying Service. Government should work out a modality in advance to implement ORFP in 2019.

  3. I am a commissioned officer of IAF who proceeded on VR after a qualifying service of 26 Years on Oct 2005.
    I was given full pension of 33 years by adding weightage for military service under VI CPC Concordance Table Rs.27795/-.Table also ensure uniform pension for QS 26-33 yrs giving due weightage for Military Service.
    Now in the OROP table 555 I find a different Pension of Rs.34485/- for my qualifying service The table should have been prepared by giving Rs.36130/- respecting what was done in VI CPC.
    It is pathetic to notice OROP has maintained as ORMP(Many Pensions) with utter disregard by MoD.
    MAY I REQUEST THIS ISSUE OF UNIFORM FULL PENSION IN THE QS BAND 26-33 Years addressed and redressed for resolving pensioners who are underpaid from July 2014 onwards.

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