Enhanced Rate of Ordinary Family Pension

Dear Sir,
1.     Enhanced Rate of Ordinary Family Pension is given to such widows of Ex-Servicemen who died before reaching the age of 67 years or 7 years from date of retirement. But in some cases when two year extension was granted w.e.f. 30 May 1998, some of the serving personnel did not opt for two years of more service. As per the rule  position widows of such personnel who did not opt for two years more service were given Enhanced Rate Ordinary Family Pension only for 7 years or till the age of 65 years of husband on unfortunate demise of her husband. This has robbed them of higher pension for two years. The Enhanced Rate of OFP is same as pension of husband. Ordinary Family pension is only 60% of pension of husband where as Enhanced Rate is same i.e. 100% of husband’s pension.
2.    Due to repeated requests made by many ESM Associations, Ministry of Defence (ESW) has now agreed to grant benefit of Enhanced Rate of OFP till age of 67 years of age of husband or 7 years from date of death to all widows whose husbands did not opt for two year more service w.e.f. 30 May 1998.
3.    PCDA (Pensions) Allahabad / Prayagraj has now  put up Circular 630 which has asked all Pension disbursing Agencies (banks, DPDOs etc) to work out arrears and remit them to such widows.
4.   You may advise such widows of ESM to approach their CPPCs of banks to work out their arrears and remit them into their bank accounts. They are entitled to Dearness Relief on the arrears.
5.    Circular 630 is attached.
Warm regards,
Brig CS Vidyasagar (Rtd)
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  1. Respected Sir,

    Kindly project my case.

    Sub Maj & Hony Lt ADGladeen

    March 15, 2020 Reply
  2. Good morning Sir, I am Sub Maj & Hony Lt AD Gladeen (Retd) from MADRAS Regt. I put my request and sympathies for your favourable action plz. The following categories are getting monetary benefits on their retirement. 1. Hony Nk. 2. Hony Hav 3. Hony Nb Sub. But a maximum of Sub & Sub Maj who were getting Hony rank/commission as Sub Maj and Hony Lt without getting monetary benefits on retirement. As you are aware, that the promotion for Sub to Sub Maj were very strict and everyone will not become a Sub Maj in the DPC. At the end of the service, Subedhars are getting Hony commission on active list and Sub Maj are getting Hony Lt on non active list without monetary benefits. May I kindly request you to take up a case with the concerning authorities, so that the maximum Sub and Sub Maj be benefited . Thanks Sir. With regards

    March 4, 2020 Reply
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    March 2, 2020 Reply

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