Financial Assistance to Ms. Indira Arunachalam, Mumbai

Financial Assistance to Ms. Indira Arunachalam, Mumbai

A case worthy of help from TSEWA, Charity Division was brought to the notice of Cmde KS Sandhu, President, TSEWA, Mumbai Metro by Shri Harish Asthana,  President, TSEWA, UP through Ms. Lalitha Raman an ex-IB Officer.

The case pertains to Ms. Indira Arunachalam who is a divorced daughter of late Mr. K Arunachalam who retired as Superintendent in CDA (N), aged about 75 years.

Consequent to the death of Mr. K Arunachalam, the widow, whose daughter, Ms. Indira was also living with her, was unaware that she was entitled to Family Pension. The widow then died and her daughter has been staying in Matunga, Mumbai with her brother, who is unable to look after her except for giving her a small corner in his home for sleeping. Ms. Indira feeds herself at the temples or at neighbours’ houses, if they offer food.

Cmde Sandhu visited her place along with Ms Lalitha Raman, Ex-IB Officer and has actually seen her pitiable condition. He then personally visited Mr. Gaurav, Dy Controller of Defence Accounts (Navy) to trace the PPO of Late K Arunachalam and see if the divorced daughter could be given some pension. However, Cmde Sandhu feels that it will be a long shot and no help will be forthcoming in the near future. Cmde Sandhu has therefore requested that TSEWA take pity on her helpless condition and provide some financial help urgently.

The Charity Committee discussed the matter and approved a Financial Assistance of Rs. 20,000/- to the individual.

On 28 Nov 2019, Cmde Sandhu, along with Ms Lalitha Raman visited Ms Indira Arunachalam and handed over the cheque of Rs 20,000/- from TSEWA to her.


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