Smt Zalengkim – Cheque for Rs 5.5 lakhs and Receipt

Dear Members, non-members of TSEWA and civilian donors,
It is with great pride I inform all of you that TSEWA with the help of wonderful band of donors is able to send Rs 5.50 lakhs (Rs Five Lakh and five thousand only) to Lt Col LM Singh, Oic ECHS Polyclinic today 12 Sep 2019 to clear off all debts Smt Zalengkim incurred since 2013 and to relieve of her from the huge monthly interest burden of Rs 17,000 pm. She was in debt trap with no job.
The cheque, I as President with Lt Col G Parvathesam, Treasurer, TSEWA signed is attached. The cheque was presented to SBI, Bhaskar Rao Nagar, Secunderabad for the money to be transferred to bank account of Lt Col LM Singh,OiC ECHS Polyclinic, Imphal to pay off all debts Smt Zalengkim was forced to incur. The bank receipt for Rs 5.50 lakhs for transfer is also attached.
Lt Col LM Singh (Retd) was requested to pay off Rs 4 lakhs to the local money lender + interest for 13 days, take a No Dues Certificate on Non- Judicial stamp paper in presence of witnesses, collect back her ATM card and pension documents she pawned. Also he will pay off Rs 1..38 lakhs + foreclosure fees to  SBI, Mantripukhri branch, Imphal to clear the loan Smt Zalengkim took from the  bank. This will help her get Rs 17,000 pm which she has been paying as interest which will enable her to look after eight more dependents upon her.
TSEWA once again thanks all donors whether they are members of TSEWA or non-members or civilians who came out in large numbers to help a poor young widow to get out of her deepest financial troubles. Had the members not been so generous, all her life she would be paying interest of Rs 12,000 pm to the money lender.
Donations are still coming in. We will continue to transfer money so received from donors to Lt Col LM Singh so that he can put it in a fixed deposit in her name in a bank so that she gets additional income in addition to her pension.
TSEWA hopes Army or Assam Rifles give her a suitable job so that she has little more income to bring up four children (two of her elder sister who is a psychiatric patient and two of her own).
The generosity of so many will help this young widow live a life of dignity and help her support her family and educate her children.
Warm regards,

Brig CS Vidyasagar (Rtd)
TSEWA- 140

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