Check List for Charity Recommendation

Check List for Charity Recommendation

Dear State/Metro Presidents of TSEWA,

As you are all aware, TSEWA Charity Division reaches out to the most needy from amongst the Veterans /Single Ladies/Veer Naaris/Destitute children of ESM Community and in exceptional cases some very deserving civilians based on the recommendations of the State/Metro Presidents.

We have as on date disbursed Rs.16.0 lakhs. This does not include more than Rs 4.00 lakhs disbursed by Col Ajit Rana, President, North Zone TSEWA  through a donation received from his friend. You are aware that another Rs.8.50 Lakhs was also donated by Members exclusively and disbursed to Capt VS Gurung of Dehradun. If the entire amount is included, the total disbursements as on date stand at more than 28.50 Lakhs.

TSEWA Charity Division disbursed money to the deserving individuals which is well documented by supporting documents/Photos/Videos etc. This formed the basis for the Income Tax Commissioner to grant us exemption under Sec: 80G. This exemption gives Tax relief of 50% of the donation amount to donors. Perhaps this news has not reached all the Members of TSEWA and the Donations so far have been a mere trickle. Hopefully if this is given wide publicity by all of you, the donations will pick up and facilitate TSEWA to reach out many more “most needy individuals” .

I earnestly request all of you to kindly disseminate the above information to all the Members in your State/Area and encourage donations not only from our Members but also from big Corporates from their CSR fund allocation and well placed persons in the Society as discussed during the last National Executive Committee in Dehradun.

However, I am glad to inform that our Treasurer has been able to earmark Rs.70-80,000/- for disbursement out of the meagre donations received so far, towards the Charity for the half year ending 30 Sep 2019.

I am once again re-producing the Check List for forwarding the most deserving cases for receiving financial assistance from TSEWA. It is important to submit the proper documentation to meet the requirement of Audit and Income Tax Authorities. Recommendations may also be made for the minimum amount required so that we can accommodate as many more deserving cases as possible. The recommendations may be submitted not later than 15 Sep 2019 to facilitate scrutiny by the Charity Committee and disbursement of the amounts latest by 30 Sep 2019. In case the State/Metro Presidents desire to disburse the cheques locally during any ESM Function this may be mentioned. Such cheques will be sent to the Presidents otherwise, the amounts approved by the Charity Division will be credited to the Bank Accounts of the individuals/institutions etc.

This may be given priority and recommendations sent to TSEWA positively by 15 Sep 2019.

TSEWA acknowledges the donations made by various individual members, which have been instrumental in running TSEWA office and pay the salaries of the employees and our continued support to the ESM community. We sincerely appeal to all the members to come forward and donate generously for this cause and avail IT relief under 80G.

Warm regards,

Commodore Sudheer Parakala, IN (Retd)
Chairman Charity Division, TSEWA
Mob: 9849057767


  1. A letter addressed to TSEWA requesting for financial assistance from the person is required.
  2. Address, telephone number(if available), email id must be given. Identity proof and address proof must be given without exception, ie Aadhar card etc.
  3. Details of financial background, total income of the family, number of siblings, their jobs and income, income from any other source, whether own house, or rented house etc  are to be given. Photos of family members, photo of the house, if possible video of the members etc to be sent.
  4. In case of educational assistance (school or college fees), a certificate from the school or college showing that the student is a bonafide student of their institution is necessary. The total fee for the year is to be mentioned. If only part of the fees is paid, that amount needs to be spelt out. The balance amount outstanding should be mentioned clearly. This should be on the printed letter head of the School or College and not merely on a simple white paper.
  5. For educational grant, mark sheets are also required. For medical treatment, a certificate from the hospital, etc are required.
  6. No donation for admission, building Fund, hostel fees etc will be given.
  7. In case of Sports persons, the level of achievement, medals earned ie National and International Medals, certificates in sports, etc to be given. Photograph of the same are to be given.
  8. If some item needs to be purchased e.g. study or sports equipment, medical prosthesis, then at least 3 quotations should be obtained.
  9. Once the cheque is handed over, a receipt should be obtained from the beneficiary and sent to TSEWA.
  10. Money will be paid by cheque or NEFT Transfer only. Therefore, Bank details ie Name of the Bank, Branch of the Bank, Account number, Bank IFSC code etc are to be mentioned.
  11. The person recommending a case for charity should suggest the amount of money to be granted and the duration or instalments to be given.
  12. No money will be given to another NGO, or another charitable organisation.




Commissioned into the Indian Navy on 25 Mar 1970, an alumnus of Defence Services Staff College and College of Defence Management. Served in various ships for 9 years including commissioning of India's First Guided Missile Destroyer INS Rajput. Important shore appointments include Dy Naval Attache, Moscow, DS at CDM, Director Naval Plans, Principal Director Procurement at NHQ, Chief Staff Officer (LA&P) at ENC and HF at CDM. Took pre-mature retirement after 32 years service at the peak of career before the Promotion Board to the Flag Rank on compassionate Grounds. At Present totally dedicated to the Ex-Servicemen Welfare and is the President of East & South Zones of TSEWA

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