1. Excellent work by brigadier Vidya sagar with all implications . Leaves some hope for the govt to act rationally for we servicemen . Still it beats me that some one has to fight its own government for not doing its rightful job . Still being a serviceman we rightfully deserve the best but fight with the govt like we do with our enemies ! What a paradox sir !
    Ramaiah wg cdr veteran Tsewa 3238

  2. Sir
    Beyond doubt ,no one can put so much hard work with penetrating intelligence like you. I can only salute your efforts and pray for success
    Y.P.Singh T-SEWA 7312

  3. As you concluded this analysis, many may not see the fruits of NFU let alone taste them. While releasing the OROP partial orders, the NDA Government claimed that the stake holders were taken into confidence,, which they never did. At lease now the MOD can look into this analysis of your’s and take many valid points if at all they intend to implement NFU at a future date. I wish that wisdom prevails on them.
    Major AM Manohar
    (TSEWA No 3060)

  4. Sir,
    1. An excellent over view of the NFU and the comparison and implications. A lot of study and analyzing has been done by you.
    2. It is now up to the govt to decide when to give up , hope fully with the recent events they would decide early. But it is a pitiable that we have to fight for every small issues.


  5. You are doing an excellent work . Your knowledge of the subject is phenomenal. You must be putting very very long hours of work. Thank you All the best. Brig AK Mishra , 3 Guards

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