Message from Brig Vidyasagar re recent activities of TSEWA

Dear Members of TSEWA,

  1. Executive Committee of TSEWA is the highest policy making body of the organization. 11 out of 18 members are outstation members. It is not feasible for outstation members to assemble periodically at Secunderabad to conduct various activities of TSEWA. Therefore, TSEWA Executive Committee constituted a Core Committee to advise them on the growth of TSEWA.
  2. The Core Committee and Hyderabad based Executive Committee members meet every Wednesday to review various activities of TSEWA to render maximum service to ESM community. Once the Executive committee approve the recommendations of Core Committee, then action to commence implementation of recommendations begin. All decisions are therefore by majority vote of Executive Committee.
  3. The deliberations of the Core Committee and approval of Executive Committee are put up in the TSEWA Blog. TSEWA blog administered by Smt Rekha Sekhri, W/O Lt Col RR Sekhri has become very popular. In less than two years’ time it has clocked 9,34,506 hits which is a commendable achievement.


  1. TSEWA has been evolving many measures to communicate to all its 9,256 members of various activities undertaken from time to time. All members do not have laptops / desk tops / tablets / phablets / smart phones with internet connection. A bulk SMS facility has been launched recently to enable even those who have a budget mobile can get SMS of important activities of TSEWA. Details of various activities are put up in TSEWA blog.
  2. TSEWA blog can be reached by typing in URL of your browser (Google Chrome, Micro Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Fire Fox). There is no user id and pass word requirement. Just log onto TSEWA Blog and see the minutes of meeting and other useful information to the Ex-Servicemen community.

Recent Activities

  1. 80(G) Benefit to Donors of TSEWA. TSEWA obtained exemption from payment of income tax under Sec 12 A of IT Act. We submitted three Income Tax returns and are no eligible to apply for 80(G) benefit by which donors can get 50% of donation from exemption from income tax for which a meeting with Commissioner of Income Tax (Exemptions), Hyderabad has been sought. We are hopeful of getting 80(G) benefit soon.
  2. Legal Cases. Legal cases in various AFTs are filed to get justice at very low cost. We won three broad banding cases and one Pre – 2006 Nb Subs to get pension of Nb Sub. More legal cases are awaiting judgment.
  3. Awareness Camps. Awareness camps are organized all over India to educate ESMs and family pensioners of their legitimate entitlements of pension & arrears. Issues of CSD, ECHS etc are undertaken with appropriate authorities to bring problems experienced by ESMs to their notice. A writ petition was filed in Hon’ble Supreme Court on 64 kb ECHS card as many members of TSEWA and ESMs found it extremely difficult to get new 64 kb card through on-line. It is only through TSEWA blog all details are put up.
  4. Charitable Activities. TSEWA undertakes charitable activities to help ESMs and family pensioners in penury. A sum of Rs 8.45 lakhs was disbursed in the fin yr 2017 – 18. Rs 6.50 lakhs has been disbursed in the fin yr 2018 – 19.
  5. I therefore request you all to visit TSEWA blog ( at regular intervals. Many of your queries on your pensions, arrears etc are answered in the blog itself.


Warm Regards,

Brig CS Vidyasagar (Rtd)

TSEWA- 140

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