Never Authenticate Your E-Mail Id to Anyone

Dear Members of TSEWA Yahoo Mail Group,

I am the administrator of the TSEWA Yahoo Mail Group. I can see e-mail ids of all members of this mail group as I am the administrator.

When I sent you an invitation to make you a member of this mail group and you accepted it then your e-mail id is stored by Yahoo Mail Group. There is no need for anyone to send such authentication mails.

But now I see a number of members are sending mail stating” I authenticate my e-mail id” to TSEWA Yahoo Mail Group.

I do not find any reason for you to send such mails. There is no need for any of the members of this mail group to authenticate their e-mail ids.

Whenever you get such threatening mails such as ” If you do not authenticate your e-mail id by 1800 hrs on 2 Oct 2018, your membership of TSEWA Yahoo Mail will be discontinued”, you should pause for a while and get confirmation from me, the administrator. Even ISI of Pakistan, I am sure, has my e-mail id and your e-mail id and contact nos as such information is in public domain. Then why cannot you cross check from me whether I really sent such a threatening mail?

You will get another mail from such fraudsters from my e-mail id (not very difficult to hack anyone’s e-mail id) that I am stuck in Spain and I need $ 10,000 to be sent to account no:—–. Will you be so foolish to carry out interbank transfer?

So kindly be very cautious before you take any action on such phishing mails.

Asking you to authenticate your e-mail id is a phishing mail sent by some fraudster to know your e-mail id. It is not very difficult to get into TSEWA Yahoo Mail Group and send you a mail as if it is sent by me, the Administrator. Whenever you are in doubt you can send a mail to my personal mail id: and ask me whether I sent such a mail. Or you can even give me a call on my land line 040-48540895 or my mobile : 9493191380.

If you see any mail I sent through TSEWA Yahoo Mail Group, I always give my particulars at the end.

Do not repeat NOT send any such authentication mails.

Be very careful as I am sure, you will get another phishing mail asking you to reveal your bank account no, pass word. Never reveal such personal details. I or your bank or any organization will never ask for such personal particulars.

Warm regards,

Brig CS Vidyasagar (Rtd)
TSEWA- 140

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