Minutes of the Core Committee Meeting held on 19 Sep 2018 at Secunderabad



The following members were present.

  1. Brig CS Vidyasagar (Retd)                –         President
  2. Cmde Sudheer Parakala (Retd)       –         Vice President
  3. Col (Dr) GB Sethi (Retd)                   –         General Secretary
  4. Lt Col G Parvathesam (Retd)           –         Treasurer
  5. Gp Capt CRR Sastry (Retd)              –         Joint Secretary
  6. H/ Capt B Joseph (Retd)                   –         Joint Secretary
  7. Col MK Veeramani (Retd)                 –         President, Charity  Division
  8. H/ Capt MN Reddy (Retd)                –         President Telengana
  9. Col MJ Ganapathy (Retd)                  –         Member
  10. Lt Col VS Ramana Reddy (Retd)      –         Member

          President welcomed all and thanked them for coming for today’s meeting.

Points from General Secretary

Writ Petition in Hon’ble Supreme Court on 64 Kb ECHS Cards: Secretary spoke about the new 64 Kb ECHS Smart Cards. He said that Brig SKS Rana, VSM, President, Legal Division informed all through e-mail that Hony Supreme Court has dismissed our writ petition on 64 KB ECHS card and asked us to go to High Court, since the money for getting new card involved is a very meager amount. Now we have to take a deliberate decision whether to file a case in the High Court or drop the case. This was discussed at length by all members.

President brought out that it is not the amount of a single card of Rs 177/- but over all financial effect of all ESMs and their family members and Family Pensioners. So the money involved is in Crores and not mere Rs 177/-. Further he said that ESMs and Family pensioners living in remote villages of Himachal, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana etc are not having PCs or lap tops or smart phones to upload their data for registering to get 64 kb card. The data such as bank account no, name of bank, details from discharge book, medical board proceedings for disabled soldiers, specimen signatures etc which has been asked is not at all required. Such information was not asked when 16 kb cards were upgraded to 32 kb. The ESMs and family pensioners are not computer savvy and cannot do the registration on-line. They also find it very difficult to go to ECHS Polyclinics or to browsing centres and pay heavy amount to them to upload their data on-line. It is understood that even the 16 Kb cards are not fully utilized. The 32 Kb cards will have much more spare capacity. Under such circumstances 64 Kb cards are not at all required. However new 64 kb cards can be issued to only those who are not given cards since Jun 2015 as contract with previous company was not renewed.Further some of the personal information about bank account details, bank IFSC, specimen signature etc can be misused by some unscrupulous persons. It was pointed out that CGHS is using only one Card and not updating it periodically. Their beneficiaries are not paying any money for the cards. Since ECHS has taken CGHS as a model, why cannot ECHS follow the CGHS system? Also it was suggested that ECHS should have taken an undertaking from the private firm that they will not pass on any information to any third party.

After hearing views of all members, it was the unanimous opinion that we must file a case with High Court.  Gp Capt Sastry was requested to make another legal brief with all these additional points.

Action to be taken by President, Gp Capt Sastry, General Secretary,  Brig SKS Rana VSM

Points from Col MK Veeramani, President Charity Division

Col MK Veeramani (Retd) informed that Smt Asha Varanasi had donated 1 lakh to be given for higher professional studies of any girl child of an ESM. She wanted this to be given in one go. We were trying to locate a suitable girl for this. He said that he had sent three mails to Presidents of TSEWA at various levels, put up in TSEWA Yahoo Mail group and also informed this during the NEC meeting held in Dec 2017. But he could not get particulars of any eligible girl student.

General Secretary brought out a case meeting the requirements of Smt Asha Varanasi. We called Sub Maj Mallesh (Retd) of EME, father of Ms Mounika admitted in MBBS first year through merit quota in Govt Medical College, Karimnagar on 12 Sep 2018. He gave the details of the documents required to Sub Maj Mallesh (Retd). On 13 Sep 2018 Smt Asha Varanasi in the presence of President, General Secretary, Treasurer, President Charity Division, Hony Capt B Joseph, Joint Secretary & member Charity Division handed over a cheque for Rs 1 lakh to Ms Mounika. Video taken on this occasion has been uploaded in YouTube. Col MK Veeramani (Retd) informed that he will give a write up about this to Mrs Rekha Sekhri, administrator, TSEWA Blog to up load the same in our blog.

An application for financial assistance was received from Sri Chandra Mouli, correspondent for Eenadu Telugu daily. He requested for financial assistance for his son who is studying in  the Third Year B Tech. Charity Division has gone through the case in detail and found the boy to be deserving, since he has scored very good marks in all the four Semesters of B Tech, and he belongs to a poor family. The boy wants to study further and come up in life. Hence from Madhuri Sewa Fund a sum of Rs 10,000/- was sanctioned by the Charity Division.

Col MK Veeramani also informed that in our Blog the complete details of all beneficiaries of Madhuri Sewa Fund, money given etc will  be uploaded soon, so that all members can see the benefit of Madhuri Sewa Fund.

Col MK Veeramani informed that he got mail from Col Ajit Singh Rana, President, TSEWA North Zone, Haryana and Delhi NCR that he distributed financial assistance received by TSEWA from Col Virendar Tavathia of Shradhaa Foundation. Col Ajit Singh Rana (Retd) took the initiative and informed Col Virendar Tavathia of the need for financial assistance for few ESM families. Shradhha Foundation short listed five families and sum of Rs 4 lakhs was sent to Col Ajit Singhr Rana.

President informed that TSEWA will include the same in our Charity activities and will put up the same in our blog. Col Ajit Singh Rana, Col Raghbir Singh (Retd) President, TSEWA, Punjab, Col KB Singh of TSEWA at Ahmedabad have distributed the cheques to the families. The photos and videos taken on the occasion shall be put up in our TSEWA blog.

 Col MK Veeramani (Retd) informed that during the 12 Sep meeting it was suggested that to expand the activities of TSEWA and a volunteer should sit at ECHS Polyclinic, Secunderabad with the membership application  forms, inform ESMs about the services being given to them by TSEWA and other connected activities. Col MK Veeramani (Retd) took the responsibility to talk to OIC ECHS Polyclinic. He said that he had spoken to OIC ECHS Polyclinic Col Jayadev. After He had explained the advantages of our volunteer sitting at ECHS to OIC Polyclinic who had agreed for the proposal and said that TSEWA volunteer can sit between 1100 hrs and 1500 hrs . He will make arrangement for a table, chair etc. During the last meeting he said that a dedicated team of volunteers should sit daily in the ECHS to get the benefit from TSEWA. H/ Capt Joseph had agreed to have a team along with him to do this service.  H/ Capt Joseph was asked to tie up and inform Col MK Veeramani (Retd), so that he can talk to OIC and start the work. H/ Capt Joseph had agreed for the same.

Col MK Veeramani (Retd) said that in spite of his talking to Ms Sandhya about the documents required to process her case, she has not responded. She has sent only a letter from her  and a letter from her college about the total fees. She has not given her intermediate marks sheet did not inform us of degree course she has joined i.e. BA, BSc, BCom, BBA, BCA etc. Even the letter from her college says that she is doing a degree course. She has not given bank details of the college, prospectus from her college, the course taken up by her, the total fees for the course, fees for the first year, fees already paid by her before getting admission, receipt for the fees paid and the balance fees and her Aadhar Card. She has not given her e – mail id or house address for communication. He said that on telephone he had given her this information twice more than a month back. Lt Col Parvathesam took the responsibility of contacting her, get her to our office, get all the required documents and will put up for further action.

Action to be taken up by Treasurer, H/ Capt Joseph (Retd), Col MK Veeramani (Retd), Mrs Rekha Sekhri (Retd),  Col Ajit Singh Rana (Retd) and Col Raghbir Singh (Retd)

Points from Cmde Sudheer Parakala

Cmde Sudheer Parakala informed that he has received his 64 Kb new ECHS Smart Card for self and wife. When he went to ECHS Polyclinic to activate the cards and get medicine the software for this is not available with ECHS Polyclinic, doctor and volunteer at the reception for Officers. None could help him. He  suggested that many members who come from outstations were put to unnecessary hardship in getting their medicines. He strongly recommended this point be included in legal brief being made by Gp Capt CRR Sastry (Retd) and Brig SKS Rana, VSM (Retd) to kindly brief our advocate when he files the case against 64 kb ECHS card in High Court.

Points  from Gp Capt CRR Sastry (Retd)

Progress on AFT Cases: Gp Capt Sastry informed that he has received the present progress on the AFT cases from Brig SKS Rana, VSM (Retd) on 18 Sep 2018. He explained the progress of the cases filed in AFT Delhi. He also said that the same will be put in our Blog for all to see. He said whatever action is to be taken by him, he will study the same and will take it up with Brig SKS Rana VSM (Retd).

Gp Capt CRR Sastry (Retd) said that he has spoken to Brig SKS Rana about the visit of President and himself to Delhi to sort out all the pending issues with Brig SKS Rana VSM and our advocates. Brig SKS Rana, VSM (Retd)  told that he is very busy with some of his family commitments and hence said that they can come at a later date after fixing with him the dates etc.

Action to be taken up by Gp Capt Sastry, General Secretary and Brig SKS Rana VSM

President said that he has no point to discuss and so are the others. President thanked all and the meeting ended.

Brig CS Vidyasagar (Retd)
President, TSEWA

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