Documents required for OA 168/2016 (AFT 3)


Dear All,

The present position of the case OA 168/2016 (AFT 3) is as follows:-

The case has been allowed in respect of lead applicant only since (as per records with the lawyer) the disability for all other applicants are categorised for two / three years and not for life.

The cases of all officers are being prepared once again by the advocate through TSEWA though they will be all individual cases for which all individuals will be required to pay some money as incidental /stationary charges which shall be intimated through TSEWA HQ in next few days.

Notices have been issued to all respondents on behalf of all members of the case other than the lead applicant of OA 168/2016. The case will be filed immediately on receipt of hard copies of the following documents from the applicants:

  1. Vakalatnama for AFT.
  2. Affidavit for all on plain paper legal size.
  3. Verification certificate.
  4. All applicants are to submit copy of the proceedings highlighting the disability for life in the proceedings.

Above docu sample will be sent to all members for signatures by the TSEWA HQ/will be uploaded on TSEWA Blog on next Tuesday as the Advocate is out of station and would return on Monday.

It is for your info that the proceedings with one page brief about your case giving the back ground details and other documents as mentioned earlier be sent to TSEWA HQ at Secunderabad and not to undersigned. After the scrutiny at TSEWA HQ the documents will be sent to me compiled and after final scrutiny necessary action will be taken by the legal cell to have the cases filed at the earliest.

Last date for receipt of docus at the TSEWA HQ is 05 Oct 2018, receipt of docus at legal Cell is 12 Oct 2018 and we expect the cases to be filed by end of Oct 18.

Fond regards,

Brig SKS Rana, VSM
Head Legal Cell, TSEWA

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