Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting held on 01 Aug 2018 at Secunderabad


The following members were present

  1. Brig CS Vidyasagar (Rtd)            –  President
  2. Cmde Sudheer Parakala (Rtd)   –   Vice President
  3. Col(Dr) GB Sethi (Rtd)                –  General Secretary
  4. Lt Col G Parvathesam (Rtd)       –  Treasurer
  5. Gp Capt CRR Sastry (Rtd)          –  Joint Secretary
  6. H/ Capt B Joseph (Rtd)              –   Joint Secretary
  7. Col MK Veeramani (Rtd)            –  President, Charity Division
  8. Lt Col Ravi Choudhary (Rtd)     –  Legal Adviser
  9. Col MJ Ganapathy (Rtd)             –  Member
  10. Lt Col Ramana Reddy (Rtd)       –  Member
  11. Cdr Chandra Sekhar (Rtd)          –  Member
  12. Lt Col (Dr) Bhaskar Reddy (Rtd)   – Member

      President welcomed all and thanked  them for attending this weekly meeting.

Points from General Secretary

AFT- 21 Case : EME JCOs were deducted hefty amounts from the terminal benefit at the time of Retirement on the plea that they did not give option to come over to 6th CPC or gave the option later than last date of submission of option certificate. General Secretary informed that our advocate in AFT Delhi rang him up and told him that he wants the details about the actual amount deducted from each  EME JCO for  over payment for not giving the option for 6th CPC. Also he wanted the reason for the deduction. This point was discussed. President said that the IRLA copy given by the affected JCOs clearly shows the amount deducted. This can be taken from our files itself. One such PPO was shown in which about Rs 3,99,000 was deducted with a (-) sign shown against it. If this information is not available, then Col MK Veeramani (Rtd) was requested to go to PAO(ORs) EME, Secunderabad and get the details. For this Col MK Veeramani (Rtd) wanted the list of JCOs who are fighting this case through  TSEWA.

Cool Fauzi.:General Secretary also said that Mrs Rekha Sekhri has informed that Cool Fouzi have not removed the details about TSEWA from their Blog.  After some discussion it was decided that Mrs Rekha Sekhri will be asked to put a scroll in our Blog that TSEWA has nothing to do with Cool Fouzi now. So all members and non-members should see only the Blog of TSEWA for any information about TSEWA and not the Blog of Cool Fouzi.

Misusing Name of TSEWA for Collection of Funds: General Secretary brought out that Mr Deepak Bisht, S/O an ESM veteran has sent information to all requesting to donate for the welfare of ESMs. He is using the name of TSEWA for this. This is similar to Milap collecting money for Capt Vijendra Singh Gurung. It was the opinion of all that we should not allow anyone to misuse the name of TSEWA and collect any money. This is highly objectionable. This has to be viewed seriously. It was decided that Lt Col Ravi Choudhary (Rtd), our legal advisor will send a Legal Notice to Mr Deepak Bisht not to misuse the name of TSEWA. TSEWA has not authorized any one to collect any money for ESMs welfare. Also General Secretary to send a written complaint to the Police cyber crimes for misusing the name of TSEWA. A copy of the Legal Notice and a copy of the letter to the Police, should be put in our Blog, so that all are aware of this fact.

Action to be taken by General Secretary, Col MK Veeramani, Mrs Rekha Sekhri, Lt Col Ravi Choudhary.

Points from Treasurer

Lt Col G Parvathesam (Rtd), Treasurer confirmed that the Income Tax Return for this FY 2017 – 18 has been filed. Refund claim has been made for the TDS deducted, due to Section 12 A of the Income Tax Act. He suggested that our case for IT Exemption under 80 (G) for our donors can be sent during Sep 2018 with all details. Since all the information is available, a CD will made with all details of charity to 44 beneficiaries made in Fin year 2017 – 18 and also to 8 beneficiaries of 2018 – 19 be given to Commissioner of Income Tax (Exemptions), Hyderabad to get exemption under Sec 80(G) for our donors be given. The case is to be made in consultation with our Auditor.

Action to be taken by Treasurer,  General Secretary,  President 

Points from Col MK Veeramani, President Charity Division  

Col MK Veeramani brought out that as per the urgency expressed by Col Ragbir Singh, President, TSEWA, Punjab, the charity cheques for the Punjab cases, were sent to him as per his suggestion, but the receipts and the photos handing over the cheques have not been received so far from him. Col MK Veeramani tried to contact Col Raghbir Singh in this regard, (since the life of the cheque is only  3 months). But he could not get through to him. Immediately President contacted Col Raghbir Singh and asked about this. Col Raghbir Singh told that he had spoken to the Presidents of the ESM organizations. They are of the view that these cheques should be handed over on 15 Aug 2018, on the Independence day in front of the crowd. This point was well taken. So Col Raghbir Singh was asked to do the needful in this regard and send the receipts and photos after that, which he has been agreed to do.

Smt Padma, W/O Sep Veeraiah found missing: Col MK Veeramani asked Lt Col Ravi Choudhary about the AFT case of Mrs Padma W/O Sepoy Veeriah. Lt Col Ravi Choudhary said that by Sep 2018, her case will come up for hearing. In the meantime he has written to all concerned to get her AGI amount. It is likely to come soon. He suggested that as soon this money is received by her, TSEWA monthly Charity donation to her can be stopped. All thanked Lt Col Ravi Choudhary.

Col MK Veeramani also wanted to know the present ruling on a few cases where due to very pitiable condition monthly charity was sanctioned by NEC and also Charity Division for a few months. President said that since the present fund availability is not as per last year, whatever we have sent so far is OK. All future recurring donations will be reviewed when our fund position improves. Treasurer was requested to write a letter to them explaining the reason for stopping the same now.

Action to be taken by Treasurer, General Secretary, Charity Division.

Points from the President    

Confederation of ESM Associations: The President distributed copies of the draft letter he had made to be sent to Col TN Raman regarding formation of Confederation and holding the Inaugural meeting at Secunderabad on 19 Aug 2018 under the arrangements of TSEWA. He asked the members to give their views. The draft was amended with the points given by all and final letter was prepared which will be sent to Col TN Raman on 01 Aug itself. E mail will be sent to Col TN Raman and in addition to this, a hard copy will also be sent. President may ring up and inform Col Raman about our letter, since Col TN Raman is out of station till 03 Aug 2018 and may not be able to see the mail. It was the opinion of all that since  Col TN Raman has invited Lt Gen Raj Kadian and Maj Gen Sabir Singh of IESM who have associated with a political party, TSEWA will not be a party to this confederation and hence regretted to host the meeting on 19 Aug 2018. It was decided that a copy of this letter will be put in our Blog and also will be sent in our Yahoo Group mail.

Note: On completion of all suggestions, the letter was made and sent through e-mail to Col TN Raman, TSEWA Yahoo Groups and hqtsewa Google Groups, Triservices Veterans Yahoo Groups.

There being no other point President thanked all and the meeting ended.

Brig CS Vidyasagar (Rtd)
President, TSEWA

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