Minutes of core committee of TSEWA held on 25 July 2018 at Secunderabad



The following members were present: –

  1. Brig CS Vidyasagar (Rtd)                  –        President
  2. Cmde Sudheer Parakala (Rtd)          –        Vice President
  3. Col (Dr) GB Sethi (Rtd)                     –        General Secretary
  4. Lt Col G Parvathesam (Rtd)              –        Treasurer
  5. Gp Capt CRR Sastry (Rtd)                 –        Joint Secretary
  6. Col MK Veeramani (Rtd)                   –        President, Charity Division
  7. H/ Capt MN Reddy (Rtd)                  –        President, Telengana
  8. Col MJ Ganapathy (Rtd)                    –        Member
  9. Lt Col VS Ramana Reddy (Rtd)        –         Member

     The President welcomed all and thanked them for attending this meeting.

Points from General Secretary 

Cool Fouzi Blog: General Secretary informed that Mrs Rekha Sekhri, Administrator, TSEWA Blog (www.tsewa.org) had brought to his knowledge that the blog hosted by Cool Fouzi is still available online. TSEWA had earlier appointed Cool Fouzi to update our Information in their Blog. When we started our own Blog after six months or so, their services have been terminated.

Gp Capt CRR Sastry, Joint Secretary opined that it is good that many ESM Associations who have their own web sites or blogs do copy contents of our TSEWA blog as it facilitates wider circulation. This will help some of the ESMs and family members who read these blogs get some benefit. We must welcome circulation of contents of our TSEWA blog.

8 Lakh Hits of TSEWA Blog: General Secretary  congratulated Smt Rekha Sekhri for achieving mile stone of 8 lakh hits in less than two years. It goes to the credit of Smt Rekha Sekhri keeps updating TSEWA blog on daily basis. It is only due to her dedication and devotion to the cause of ESM welfare, our TSEWA Blog has achieved such super stardom. All the members applauded commendable achievement of Smt Rekha Sekhri on her single minded devotion to the TSEWA Blog.

Action to be taken by General Secretary and Smt Rekha Sekhri  

Sending of Bulk SMS:  The General Secretary informed that  Cmde Sudheer Parakala (Rtd), Vice President made painstaking contacted 8 Bulk SMSes providers based in Hyderabad & Secunderabad got their quotes. Their rates were compared and a comparative statement was made by him. As per the comparative statement, M/S Bhash Software Labs, Hitec city, Hyderabad was the lowest and their Terms and Conditions are acceptable to us.  Their representative was asked to come today to finalise the deal. Accordingly their rep came. The required clarifications were obtained from him.  It was agreed by all present to take the Services of M/ S Bhash Software Labs. Hence their rep was asked to train Sri R. Anand Kumar, Our Office Assistant on sending the bulk SMSes.  The Representative informed that (a) One SMS is 160 characters including spaces, commas and periods (.) or any other symbol. (b) After sending the SMS, a report card is available to know who all received SMS (c) In case of any difficult, their tech support division can be contacted who will resolve any problem (d) the company will not retain data of our members (e) the company will provide user id and password to log into their web site and then send the SMS (f) we can send 1 lakh SMSes, for which they are charging Rs 10,620/- including GST.

This rate is found to be very reasonable. It works out to 10 Paise per SMS. Their Quotation was approved and a letter of acceptance along with a cheque for this amount was given to the representative of the firm.

It was decided that bulk SMS will be sent to all 8700 members as on date. In case those who do have computers or laptops or tablets are not in their homes they can still get the SMS and once they go home they can view our TSEWA Blog for more details. Similarly, all those who have smart phones can access TSEWA Blog. Those who do not have smart phone, they will be motivated to go to the nearest cyber café and view the TSEWA Blog.

All thanked Cmde Sudheer Parakala for bringing this Bulk SMS Service Provider to our knowledge and for concluding the contract. Gp Capt CRR Sastry wanted the dealing office bearers like President, Vice President, General Secretary, Treasurer, Legal Case in charge, Charity Division head, etc to give the SMS  wording to him. This will be a Single Point Contact. Only Gp Capt CRR Sastry will send the SMSes to the members. All present thanked Gp  Capt CRR Sastry for volunteering to take up this additional job.

The President informed that when we send bulk SMS facility, it is one more feather in the cap of TSEWA. TSEWA has been improving service delivery to its members constantly. Even if we have to spend Rs 2 x 10620 on bulk SMS, it is worth spending as communication with our members is very important to keep them abreast with latest developments taking place not only in veteran community but in TSEWA. For example, the Minutes of Meeting of today after being placed in TSEWA Blog, Gp Capt CRR Sastry can intimate the same to all members of TSEWA through bulk SMS.

Action to be taken by all concerned

Position/ Progress of Legal Cases: General Secretary informed that so far we have taken up 41 cases for Legal Action. Out of this 4 cases were withdrawn by us due to various reasons. We have won 3 Cases ( i.e. BB1, BB2, & HNS case). 14 cases have been filed and we got the OA numbers from AFT Delhi. 20 cases are pending at Delhi.  Out of this 20 Cases, six are repeat cases. The exact position of these 20 cases is not known. Also when these cases are likely to be filed and OA number obtained is also not known. General Secretary informed that he is getting lots of phone calls from those members, who have given the legal documents and paid the legal fees in respect of these pending cases. He finds it very embarrassing to keep on telling that the cases are under progress. Some of the cases were sent to Delhi long time back.

Cmde Sudheer Parakala, Vice President wanted a time frame to be fixed at each level to progress the case i.e. at TSEWA HQ, with Brig SKS Rana VSM and with our advocate.

The President gave a brief summary of various activities involved before we file the case with AFT. Once TSEWA feels that a particular case is worth considering, a mini legal brief is made and sent to Brig SKS Rana VSM for his opinion. He studies the case and discusses the same with our advocate in AFT Delhi or any other AFT about its winnability of the case. Once our advocate clears the case, the President informs the environment inviting them to join the legal case. Within 3 months from the time first petitioner joins the legal case or when we get sizeable number of petitioners, all documents are checked and sent to Brig SKS Rana VSM. He re checks the documents and then discusses the same with our advocate who files the case in AFT. Once the case is filed, time taken by AFT is not in our hands.

All present wanted Gp Capt CRR Sastry to talk to Brig SKS Rana VSM, about the exact position of all these pending cases. Members from Punjab and Kerala are frequently ringing up General Secretary asking for the position of their cases.

President stated that members call him and tell him that a legal case has been won six months back but TSEWA has not yet filed the case in AFT Delhi. Though he replies that the single petitioner has spent Rs 75,000 to win the case whereas TSEWA charges as less as Rs 2,000 per Sepoy, one cannot expect instant results. Though this is accepted yet there is definitely a need to fix a time line at every stage as demanded by Cmde Sudheer Parakala. Col Ajit Singh Rana, President, North Zone, Haryana and Delhi NCR informed in Executive Committee meeting held on 23 Jun 2018 some of the veterans commented that TSEWA collects legal fees and does very little thereafter. We should try to ensure we file the case immediately in AFT Delhi. It becomes extremely difficult to justify why legal cases sent long time back to Delhi are not yet even filed in AFT Delhi. The President appreciated colossal efforts put in by Brig SKS Rana, VSM for scrutinizing each case, discussing each case with our advocate in the shortest possible time, the dealy in filing the cases in Delhi are very difficult to justify. He has enlarged the scope by selecting Col YR Sharma at AFT Lucknow to whom one case is given already and another advocate in AFT Jabalpur is identified. There is a limit upto which Brig SKS Rana, VSM can expedite the filing of cases. The President and Col Ajit Singh Rana met an eminent AFT advocate in AFT Chandigarh but the problem is only petitioners of Chandigarh UT, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana can file the petitions in AFT Chandigarh. The President opined Brig SKS Rana, VSM is the right person to find out remedies to the festering problem of unacceptable delay.

It was also decided that Gp Capt CRR  Sastry should go to Delhi soon to convey the concern of our members on undue delay to the advocate in AFT Delhi. Gp Capt CRR  Sastry said that he is going out of the country and will be back only after 15 Aug. Therefore, he can go to Delhi after that after ascertaining from Brig SKS Rana VSM about his availability at Delhi. Gp Capt CRR Sastry said that if any member wants his legal fee back, Treasurer should immediately refund the amount so that our fair name is not damaged, if the case has not been filed in AFT. Once the case is filed in AFT, no refund will be given.

President informed that Gp Capt Sastry should try and contact Sgt MK Sikdar, who is practicing in AFT Chennai, to file 1 or 2 cases at AFT Chennai for those who are in its jurisdiction. Once that case is won, then we can sensitize the environment to join in this case to be filed in AFT Delhi which has jurisdiction all over India.

Action to be taken by  Brig SKS Rana VSM, Gp Capt  CRR Sastry.  Treasurer, General Secretary

Points from Treasurer 

Treasurer read out a mail sent by Col Srikantha Seshadri, President, TSEWA Karnataka about forming a Kissan, Dalit and Jawans organization by IESM mainly to fight the 2019 general election. All present unanimously said that the confederation should be apolitical. If the agenda of IESM is to fight the election with the support of non ESM organizations, then IESM cannot be a part of the Confederation.

Points from Cmde Sudheer Parakala, Vice President

Cmde Sudheer Parakala explained about the improved Approach paper of Col TN Raman of Chennai who floated the concept of Confederation of ESM Associations. He mentioned very clearly the apolitical stand of the confederation. Since he has sent the draft paper to all, all must have seen that. Some of the members have given their comments also. Col TN Raman saidt hat around 11 ESM organizations have agreed to come under one loose umbrella of the confederation.

General Secretary said that the Inaugural meeting of the confederation would be hosted by TSEWA at Secunderabad.  President, Cmde Sudheer Parakala, General Secretary will coordinate the first meeting. Cmde Sudheer Parakala will give the presentation to all members, if Col Raman asks him to do it. This meeting will be chaired by Col TN Raman, being the initiator of this idea. Cmde Sudheer Parakala may be the Moderator since he has got in depth knowledge of his Approach paper. Depending upon the total number of persons attending, it can be either at 143 Vayupuri or at our Bhaskar Rao Nagar office of TSEWA or even in Table Tennis room of AWHO Ved Vihar, Military Dairy Farm Road, Trimulgherry, Secunderabad.

Col MK Veeramani wanted the names of the office bearers who will be attending this first meeting on 19 Aug, so that he could make arrangements for their accommodation. This information should be given to him at least 15 days before the meeting. Therefore Col TN Raman should give the total number of officers attending and their names, since MCEME wants the names of the members who will be staying there.

Cmde Sudheer Parakala said that the proposed meeting on 19 Aug should finalise the members of the confederation, election of President and Vice President of the Interim National Confederation, other aims and purpose of this confederation. It was also discussed, who all will attend the meeting with Hon’ble RRM as and when it is called at Delhi. For this 19 Aug 2018 inaugural meeting, from TSEWA, President, General Secretary and Cmde Sudheer Parakala will attend.

There being no other points, President thanked all and the meeting thus ended.

Brig CS Vidyasagar (Rtd)
President, TSEWA

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