No review petitions will be filed by TSEWA for OA 166/2016 (BB 1) & 1677/2016 (BB 2)

Dear Litigants of BB1 & BB2,

TSEWA consulted a number of advocates in AFTs and they unanimously informed us that once a benefit is granted of broad banding, be it arrears for two years or three years from filing the case in AFT, then the judgment cannot be reviewed.  They opine that even if one files a case in Hon’ble Supreme Court, one is not likely to get any positive judgment.

TSEWA decided not to (a) file a review petition in AFT Delhi where we won two broad banding cases  and (b) not to approach Hon’ble Supreme Court after considering the cost factor and slim chance of winning the case in the apex court.

Hon’ble Supreme Court in few judgments said “In life, one gains sometimes and loses sometimes”. You may now decide your course of action. You have got arrears of broad banding for two arrears. You may like to be contented with those arrears.

If you are not satisfied with my reply then you are at liberty to approach Hon’ble Supreme Court.

Warm regards,

Brig CS Vidyasagar (Rtd)

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