Modified Assured Career Progression (MACP) for OR

MACP is now for holding a rank for 8 years and not getting regular promotion. In that case a OR is promoted to next rank for pay under MACP. It is not 8 + 8 +8 = 24 years for a Sepoy to become Nb Sub. It could be 2+8+8 = 18 years for Sepoy to get promoted as Nb Sub if he gets regular promotion as Naik just after 2 years’ service.

1.  The SAI 2/S/2008 covers the MACP (Modified Assured Career Progression) in that if a Sepoy does not get promotion for 8 years, he will be granted pay of Naik and similarly if he still does not get regular promotion to the rank of Hav, he will be given pay of Hav after 16 years and if still does not get promotion even after putting 24 years of service, then he will granted grade pay of Nb Sub. The ibid SAI does not explain MACP with illustrations at para 4.

2.    Veteran T Krishnan, Air Warrior and Dy Gen Mgr of Honeywell Corporation sent me a policy letter of Govt of India, Ministry of Def dt 03 Jun 2011 to Air HQ. It clearly mentions that the promotion to next rank is 8 years in the present rank. They give an illustration at the end which says if a Sepoy gets regular promotion as Naik in  5 years’ service and is not promoted to the rank of Havildar in 13 years’ service i.e. 5 + 8 he will get pay of Havildar. It is 8 years in the rank. He will get again pay of Nb Sub if he serves till 5+8+8 = 21 years (not 24 years).

3.    You are requested to go through the policy letter of Min of Def given to Air HQ on MACP.

4.     Now any Havildar who did not get promoted after being Havildar for 8 years then he will get pay of Nb Sub after 8 years in the rank of Havildar. It is seen in certain Corps like Engrs, Signals and EME some trades get promotions faster i.e. A Sepoy may become a Naik in  5 years and then Hav in 12 years’ service. In that case if he puts in 8 years in the rank then he should get pay of next rank if he hold that rank for 8 years. One does not have to serve for 8 + 8 + 8 = 24 years to get promoted as Nb Sub. Any Havildar can get promoted as Nb Sub after 8 years in the rank of Hav.

4.    It is not just 8, 16 and 24 years’ service but 8 years in a particular rank and does not get promoted, then he is eligible for next rank under MACP.

5.     One more point to be noted if OR gets benefit of MACP, it does not debar him from getting his regular promotion. That is if a Sepoy gets MACP fo Hav at 13 years ( becomes Naik after 5 years due to regular promotion and after 8 years in the rank of Naik, he gets pay of Havildar) he is eligible to be considered for regular promotion as Nb Sub any time after 13 years’ service.

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    What is the effective date of ACP (not MACP)…Is it wef 7/8/2003 , the order date of MOD or wef 1/1/1996 , implimentation date of 5 CPC … please clarify with the copies of orders for both dates…

    December 11, 2021 Reply

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