Clarifications on AFT – 29

Dear Sir,

  1. After I put the list of 225 petitioners of AFT – 29 who sent their legal documents and legal fees to HQ T SEWA directly, there are number of queries from the environment. The aim of putting up the list with minimal data is to reduce e-mail traffic as everyone who sent the legal papers are asking us whether his or her name is included in the AFT – 29 case. Secondly if we made a mistake in compiling the list of Petitioners, then we can get corrections from the petitioners. For example Lt Col Ramachandran from AWHO Ved Vihar, Trimulgherry, Secunderabad from AMC informed me telephonically that he did not join AFT – 29 yet his name has appeared in the list (Lucky guy but honest one). Another officer mentioned that he is from Kerala where as he is shown to hail from Tamilnadu. Such mistakes committed by us are easily corrected. After all when we handle 35 legal cases, our staff also is bound to make mistakes.
  2. All those who sent their papers to Cdr Sudhir Dua, All India Coordinator till 01 Nov will be included in the AFT – 29 case. So you should not have any doubts about it.
  3. Batches. Our advocate of AFT Delhi seeing the slow progress of our first case AFT – 34/2016 in which there are 1,049 petitioners found that the Govt counsel gets a good excuse to delay the proceedings of the AFT Delhi saying he has to study all 1,049 records. Though this case was filed in Sep 2015, till date not much has progressed due to large number of petitioners in one legal case. So our legal counsel correctly advised us to restrict a batch to 100 petitioners.
  4. AFT – 29. Our experience is it takes almost 12 to 15 months for all to come to know of a legal case filed by T SEWA in AFTs. Therefore we have a number of batches of the same legal case. For example we have Broad-banding – 1 , BB – 2 (which we won both), BB – 3 and BB – 4. Similarly we have Lt Cols to get pension of Col TS No 1 and similar case No 2. So is Hony Nb Sub No 1 and Hony Nb Sub No 2. We can also have AFT – 29 B, AFT – 29 C, AFT – 29 D to AFT – 29 Z with each batch with petitioners restricted to 100 to get speedier judgment.
  5. Late Comers. If anyone of you have not yet joined AFT – 29 case by 01 Nov 2017, you are most welcome to join AFT – 29 B and subsequent batches. You can continue to send your legal documents and legal fees by cheque to Cdr Sudhir Dua ( till we get minimum 100 petitioners. You can also send your legal fees to HQ T SEWA directly through NEFT. Cdr Sudhir Dua will handle AFT – 29 series till he gets fed up, therefore pose all your queries to him on this case.
  6. Viability.We will not be able to pay our legal counsel in AFT – 29 if the number of petitioners is less than 100. Hence we will only stop AFT – 29 series when we do not get 100 petitioners. As per my guess it may take 12 to 15 months.

With this mail, I hope your apprehensions are allayed. If you have any doubts do not hesitate to call me at any time to get any clarifications on AFT – 29. For all other legal cases please call Lt Col G Parvathesam, Treasurer, T SEWA (

Warm Regards,

Brig CS Vidyasagar (Rtd)
9493191380 (Mobile connectivity is very poor in my residential complex)
Whatsapp: 9052345814


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