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Instructions for Joining AFT-29 (Incorrect Pay Fixation By Notional Pay Method For Pre- 2016 Armed Forces Pensioners).

Instructions for Joining AFT-29  (Incorrect Pay Fixation By Notional Pay Method For Pre- 2016 Armed Forces Pensioners).

TSEWA has decided to take-up the subject case with AFT Delhi. All members desirous of joining the case are requested to follow under mentioned actions.

1.  Action to be taken by the members of TSEWA as under:

a.  Vakalatnama for AFT
b.  Vakalatnama for Supreme Court
c.  Authority letter
d.  Certificate of Undertaking
e.  Photo copy of PPO
f.  Cheque for Legal Fees of RS. 5000/- for Officers and Rs.3000/- for Single ladies to be drawn in favour of TSEWA-AFT.

2.  Action to be taken by Non- Members:-

a.  Membership form to be filled and affix a joint photo with spouse.
b. Vakalatnama for AFT,
c.  Vakalatnama for Supreme Court
d.  Authority letter
e.  Certificate of Undertaking
f.  Photo copy of PPO
g.  Membership fees of Rs.100/- to be drawn in favour of TSEWA.
h.  Cheque for Legal Fees of RS. 5000/- to be drawn in favour of TSEWA-AFT.

3.  If transferring the amount by NEFT, details of bank accounts are as under: –

a.  TSEWA A/c No. 35088276014 – for membership fee only
b.  TSEWA-AFT A/c No. 35238730663 for all legal cases
c.  TSEWA- CORPUS A/c No.37123663228 – for building up of TSEWA Corpus
d.  If transferring by NEFT, Bank details as under: –
IFSC- SBIN0015568
State Bank of India,
Branch- Bhaskar Rao Nagar,
Secunderabad 500094

4.  The all India Coordinator for AFT-29 is Cdr Sudhir Dua, you may contact him by tele/mail as under:

Tele no. 8828111408
E-Mail Id-

5.  The membership forms required for the legal case along with the SAMPLES for legal case are attached here with.

6.  Address for sending the applications is as under:

143, Vayupuri
Sainikpuri Post- 500094
Tele No: 09494037781
Land Line No. 040-27118390


Col Dr G B Sethi
General Secretary
143, Vayupuri
Park Link Road, Near 2nd Cross Road
Sainikpuri (PO)
Secunderabad – 500094.

Click on the links below, which will open in a new tab. The forms can be downloaded from there.

AFT – 29 Legal Forms

AFT – 29 Legal Forms for Family Pensioners of Officers

AFT – 29 Sample Forms

Membership Form – Veterans (for non-members)

Membership Form – Family Pensioners (for non-members)



  1. Sir,
    I would like to make a submission to improve the working of TSEWA ,especially the admin branch,because as it may seem to many a VETERANS,the way AFT-29 HAS BEEN LAUNCHED AND CLOSED , unlike AFT-28,it smells as if something has not gone into and has lowered the morale of veterans and credibility of TSEWA .
    I think and I am quite sure many of the veterans are sailing in the same boat as I am,with a fear that AFT-29A may not yield the same results as AFT-29,MAYBE due to counter action by the govt as was done for PMR cases,(disaility pension) pre-2000.
    I had submitted my documents and money on 14th Oct,the money received by TSEWA on 14th and documents on 18th in navi mumbai, STILL my name not figured on the list, also sent speed post tracking detalis.


    SOP should have been followed as had been done for AFT-28,which was a success!!!!!!!


  2. Sir,
    I have sent all the required documents along with cheque for Rs 5000/ on the address of Col Dr GB Sethi, General Secretary,TSEWA, 143 Vayupuri, Sainikpuri Post -500094,Secunderabad, Telangana on 16 Oct 2017 through speed post Regd No EV723727626 IN. Kindly confirm receipt if received.

    With peofound regards,

    Lt Col Satish Chandra(Retd)
    TSEWA No 3014. Mobile No 7409128336

  3. AFT case coordinator is cdr dua at navi mumbai. His email is
    The completed forms can be either send to cdr dua at navi mumbai or tsewa office at seconderabad.
    A nominal roll is required to be fwd by email to cdr dua(aft 29 case cordinator) by all applicants. The format he has already given in tsewa mail. You may request cdr Dua on the above email id for the format.

    -Latif vadakkayil.

      1. That is a decision you have to make. Brig Vidyasagar did mention that any later revisions may be based on the previous one.

    1. 1. You are correct to an extend . Your next orop.equilisation will come in jul 2019. So your arrears after winning the case is going to be just for 42 months and amount with DA is roughly 4500 .
      2. But,if you go by precdences ,the basic drawn in the previous pay commission is carried fwd to next pay commission with a fitment factor. (Or) we again fight a case after 8cpc(2026)that orop Jul2024 be the basis for our notional fixation in 8cpc and beyond.
      3. Now it is purely an individual decision to make weather to join or not.

      -latif vadakkayil

  4. Going by the Sample Forms, I have a couple of queries :
    1. The AFT Vakalatnama already has the Place filled in as “New Delhi”. Should we leave the Date blank?
    2. In Authorisation and Certificate, should we leave the Place and Date columns blank?
    Many thanks.

    1. The appellants can just sign at the places PETITIONER / APPELLANTS / SIGNATURE OF THE PARTY. Rest we shall take care in TSEWA HO.

  5. The final call is…Cdr Dua after Saturday will email forms to be submitted with instructions for each…and also give his address of Navi Mumbai on which to send speed post..hold horses next 48h..In interim deposit Rs 5000/- by NEFT to ensure your name is listed…E-Mail or SMS w/o amount will not b considered.

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