Progress of OA 789/2017 (AFT 11)

  1. OA 789/2017 (AFT 11) Ex Sub Maj/Hony Lt Tshering Dadul Bhutia & Ors, regarding Hony Lts / Capts to get pension of Lt /Capt.
    On 30-05-2017, the case was heard in the Court. MA regarding impleadment of all other members in the case was allowed by the court.
    Since the notice issued by the petitioners, has not been not responded by them, the Court directed the respondents to dispose off the notice with a speaking order and intimation to all applicants by the competent authority within a period of four months.
  1. Though the Judgement on the OA 789/2017 (Copy att) was the fastest in favour of the applicants, however, the speaking order by the Def HQ is not. The case has therefore been discussed once again with the lawyer and it has been decided that the case be filed de novo.
  1. Terms for the new case as agreed right in the beginning will be as under:
    a) No legal fees to charged by the Advocate for the case.
    b) Only ₹ 25000.00 as administrative charges for filing the case afresh will be payable by TSEWA.
    c) All applicant members of the case are required to file the Vakalatnamas and the authorisation certs once again.
    d) These certs are to be obtained at the earliest and fwd to legal cell.
  1. All applicant members are requested to fwd the Vakalatnamas duly signed along with the authorisation cert to TSEWA HO at earliest.
Judgement H Lt Bhutia-OA 789-2017

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