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There is a clamour for knowing the NDH of OA 168/2016 and may be one or two more cases. It is for info of all the members of the TSEWA, that according to new procedure adopted by the Chairperson of AFT (PB) the cases are being heard till the stage of arguments and thereafter once the arguments are over, the case is put in the Regular list. Once case is is transferred to the regular list its seniority is taken from the date of filing and the final judgement will be pronounced only after all cases filed before that case are adjudicated.
A sample order is attached for reference of all so that the worries of members are put to rest.
Few more cases specially like OA 34/2016 was the first case filed was not responded so far ie counter affidavit (CA) was not been filed by the counsel for the respondents hence the cases were getting delayed which is beyond anyone’s control. Now the CA for OA 34 / 2016, OA 664 / 2016, OA 457/2017 have been recd by our advocate and the rejoinder is to be filed. 
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Brig SKS Rana, VSM
Head Legal Cell
Tri-Services Ex-Servicemen Welfare Association( ISO 9000:2015 )
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