Main Objectives


Main objectives

The main objective of TSEWA is to create a common platform for all ESM and family pensioners  of Army,Navy and  Airforce with a view to make them aware of their pension entitlements and provide a redressal mechanism for their grievances with the Govt, PCDAs and PDAs/Banks. And overtime become their  spokesperson with the Govt/MoD for all pension/welfare related issues and participate in policy formulation of their pensions.

The motto of TSEWA is  “ Nation first, Junior ranks next and Officers last”. Towards this end, highest priority given to grievances of War Widows, Widows whose husbands died in harness, followed by super senior citizens and soldiers disabled 100% in military operations.

The modus operandi adopted by TSEWA  to resolve grievances with Govt of India, State Govts, PCDAs, and  Banks  is through representations, and meetings/discussions. TSEWA does not believe in confrontational mode but in negotiations. When all other means fail, only then TSEWA resorts to getting justice through filing Class Action Suits in Armed Forces Tribunals (AFT) and in the Supreme Court.

Many soldiers who took part in 1962 Sino-Indian War, 1965 Indo-Pakistan War and 1971 Indo–Pakistan war, were thrown out onto streets quoting British rule of demobilisation after completion of these wars. Since they served Armed Forces for periods short of 15 years, they are yet to be given pensions. These Ex-Servicemen are living in penury in their sun set age. TSEWA is adopting legal recourse in such similar cases including that of disabled/invalidated soldiers not in receipt of disability pension. 10 such legal cases have been identified and under compilation  to be filed in AFT Delhi as class action suits to get the Ex-Servicemen and Family pensioners their rightful justice.


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