Second Update AFT 13 A (Second Batch Majs >20yrs CS<21yrs CS to Get Lt Col Pension) 31 July 2017

Dear Member Applicants for AFT 13 A,
Please refer to the update and mail on the subject posted on 21 Jul 2017. (Below)
This update is for your kind info that, so as to not delay the filing of AFT 13 A, till TSEWA receives 50  names for the case, a Veteran Member of TSEWA Sqn Ldr RP Singh, has stepped up to file the case AFT 13 A. He has volunteered to get in touch with each of you and to take your consent to negotiate the legal fee and process the filing on your behalf.
In this he is being assisted by TSEWA President_Legal, Brig SKS Rana, VSM and supported by me with whatever assistance he may need. Please therefore note, that I will not be the co-ordinator for the case now. Sqn Ldr RP Singh would do that. My assistance and support will be available to him at all times.
Kindly get in touch with him. His details are as under:-
Sqn Ldr R P Singh
Mob: 9779006573
Please feel free to contact me in case you need any further clarification or assistance in this.


Major  P M Goswami (Retd)
TSEWA No 0127
—– Forwarded Message —–
From: Major Goswami <>
Sent: Friday, July 21, 2017, 12:26:07 PM GMT+5:30
Dear Member Applicants for AFT 13 A
This is for your kind info that the total number of Veterans who have regd with TSEWA for filing AFT 13A (Majs with>20 yrs CS but <21 yrs CS to get Lt Col Pension) as on date is 8 (Eight).
Over the last two weeks I have not received any new inquiry or registration data from Veterans.
Kindly note, that TSEWA would file the AFT case on behalf of Veterans, when the minimum number of applicants is 50, since the Legal Fee for this case has been negotiated on this basis, to keep the Fee per applicant at 5000/-.
In this regard your kind attention is also drawn to our blog post on, wherein the Announcement for all Second Batch cases for Majors to get Lt Col pension was posted.
Kindly note that in view of the above, registration of anyl new applicants is practically at a standstill.


Major  P M Goswami (Retd)

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