Info on AFT 14 (PRE-Dec 2004 Retiree LT Cdrs/Sqn Ldrs to get Cdr/Wg Cdr Pension)

This info is primarily for Veteran officers of Navy and Air Force who have joined AFT 14 (Description in Title above).
The submission of separate cases  under OA 661/2017, for Navy and Air Force applicants  had been submitted to AFT Registry. These were posted in AFT on 24/07/2017 as  MA 859/2017 in OA 661/2017. The MA will be heard on 03/08/2017 for adequacy/acceptance and thereafter listed alongwith OA 661/2017 for hearing on 14/09/2017
This means, at the first instance a hearing is listed for 03 Aug 2017. Depending on the outcome of this, the case would be heard alongwith the case 661/2017 (AFT 14 for Army petitioners) listed for 14 Sep 2017.
For more info please continue to read updated details on AFT Delhi website www, from time to time.

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