Update AFT 13a (Pre-Jan 2000 Retiree Majs with >20 yrs CS but<21 yrs CS to get Lt Col Pension)

Dear All Applicants for AFT 13 A,

Please refer to our earlier Announcement of 7 June 2017, on update of registrations for second batch of registrants for AFTs 12A,13A AND 14A.

After three (almost four) months, and as on date, 24 Jul 2017,the number of officers who have regd for these cases are as under:-
AFT 13A. 8 (Eight) applicants have registered as on date. This figure too is unlikely to reach 50 any time soon. Applicants may consider adopting the method now being taken up by applicants of AFT 14 A (Read Below).
AFT 14A. The total was less than 12 and the case is now taken up for filing individually (under collective consent) by Major Manjit Singh, Delhi based, TSEWA member applicant for AFT 14A. All applicants have been informed to contact and act through Major Manjit Singh. TSEWA’s assistance continues to be provided to him.
As we need to have at least 50 petitioners/appellants for each case, the regn for 13 A is kept open till then. However, if any of the 8 applicants who have regd for AFT 13 A, takes the initiative to file the case early and directly, as is being initiated by those of AFT 14A, then, our assistance would be available to this group also.
For your kind info please.

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