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Position of AFT-14 for Navy and Air force Officers

There is lot of inquiry from the environment about the case as under:-
Regarding the cases for the Navy and Air force offrs who were to have separate cases for Maj and equivalents:
These cases have been filed and they are being scrutinised at the Registrar’s office in the AFT. The observation raised by the Registrar was for filing fresh Vakalatnamas for the applicants since new cases have been filed. An application has been filed by the advocate  for acceptance of the old Vakalatnamas which are already in custody of the court, it will be heard on 24 Jul 17.


  1. Thanks Sir. Though I shall be looking for this but nevertheless please inform me if you come to know.

    With warm regards,

  2. Hi,
    I am also eligible for AFT-14. Please intimate me if there is any scope of joining this case so that I can submit all relevant documents and required fees. I am already a member of this organisation with membership No.7267.


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