TSEWA acknowledges the donations made by members as well non-members

Dear TSEWA Members & Well Wishers,
I on behalf of all the Members of TSEWA acknowledge with gratitude the kind donations made by the members, a few well wishers & sympathisers, who have been the backbone that TSEWA has thus far been able to serve the fraternity to the best of its ability.
It is a well established fact that without money nothing can be done, the Volunteers can put in their dedicated efforts & can achieve certain goals, which are achievable due to the physical & mental efforts & even to put in these efforts it does need monetary support in terms of office space, equipment, furniture, computers, power, stationery, communications, travel, transport, publicity & interaction with various ESM’s at different locations & support staff. 
TSEWA is just under two years & with the support of all the members & sympathisers, TSEWA has been able to make a mark & established itself as an ESM that the fraternity has recognised to be a partner with. TSEWA has so far lined up 21 cases for AFT & 12 cases have already been sent to Delhi out of which 9 cases have been admitted in AFT, allotted OA numbers & are at various stages of hearing. Favourable judgement has already been given to TSEWA in case of Medical Disability Pension for 103 members & affected members have already started getting their dues.
We are putting this mail in our Blog for all members to please see the details of the donors, the generous donations they have made to TSEWA. These donations are generally received & deposited in our Reserve Fund Account, which is opened only to generate Corpus so that the interest accrued out of it should be able to sustain TSEWA to perform its activities efficiently in future.
There are members who have sent their donations to TSEWA in different accounts through Bank Transfer / NEFT etc; we have tried to identify the details of the members to the extent possible but there may be a few cases that the names are missing, rest assured that the monies sent by all are properly accounted for, I would request the members to kindly bring it to our notice by intimating the TRANSACTION DETAILS such as NEFT/INB/CHEQUES with dates of such transfers so that we may update this list & acknowledge the members accordingly.
At the time this letter is being released we are a happy family of 6000 members, surely to feel satisfied & proud.
Once again thanking & wishing all our Members & Sympathisers happiness & a Big God Bless.
Warm Regards,
Col. Dr. G B Sethi
Gen Secretary TSEWA
TSEWA – 58

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