Why delay in Filing Cases in AFT Delhi

From Brig Vidyasagar’s desk:

I am also litigant in AFT – 1 filed in AFT Delhi who allotted us OA-34/2016. I am also keen that my case should be filed in AFT Delhi fast. Fortunately, we did not have much trouble I filing the first case.

Thereafter we filed three more cases in AFT Delhi. OA-166/2016 (Broad banding) did not have any problem so is OA-68/2016 (Broad banding for PMR soldiers). But in OA-664/2016 (Col pension for all pre-Dec 2004 Lt Cols with 26 years’ commissioned service), one of the members of AFT Delhi asked us to give him some additional details like copy of PPO, date of commission and date of retirement. Lt Col KP Radhakrishnan, All India Coordinator was on the job for almost month and half to get the details from all 325 litigants. Some of the e-mail ids given are incorrect and so are the postal addresses. The mobile numbers too are not correctly given. So how does All India Coordinator gets these details from all the 325 litigants? Such requirements of members of AFT cannot be foreseen even by our experiences advocate. These lead to long delays.

Another requirement for AFT case of pre-2006 Hony Nb Subs has come up from our Advocate. Data required is Date of Enrolment, Date of Discharge and Record Office address. This data was presumably required by AFT Delhi.

Can anyone foresee such a requirement?

Now All India Coordinator has to get this data from litigants spread over entire length and breadth of the country. It takes time to get this data. Since it is from Hony Nb Subs some of whom do not have e-mail ids & mobile numbers might not be correct, it takes considerable time to get the details.

All members of TSEWA are requested to understand under what kind of pressures our office bearers are working. Instead of appreciating their self-less work if members criticise them for delays in filing our legal cases they also will stop working and enjoy like most of the members are doing. Then who will run TSEWA and do all the laborious work?

If you have any such problem kindly either speak to the All India Coordinator who dealt with you or send a mail to him expressing your unhappiness at the delay. But do not put such mails in the public domain.

TSEWA can only render SEWA if you allow us to do our work. Otherwise a day is not far off when we may have to shut shop and let everyone fend for himself or herself. I hope that day does not come.

Choice is yours.

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