Procedure to Subscribe to TSEWA Yahoo Mail Group

Lot of members after becoming members of TSEWA have stated they are not receiving any updates from TSEWA. To receive emails from TSEWA group mail, you have to subscribe to the same as under:

– On becoming TSEWA member, send  a request from your registered email id to Brig Vidyasagar email id ( He, as Admin, will send you an invitation to join TSEWA Yahoo Mail Group. Kindly click on tab ACCEPT INVITATION .

– At times you may not see the tab due to problem with your browser, then kindly send an e-mail to Yahoo groups  e mail id,

–  Please do not type above e-mail id as you are likely to omit or add one extra letter which will result in bouncing of your mail. Just copy and paste the above e-mail id into your mail.

– Yahoo groups will redirect that mail to him and he will make you a member of TSEWA Yahoo mail group. Then  you will receive all mails from him & other members.

– You too can send mail to all members by typing e-mail id :

– If you also wish to be a member of the Triservices Veterans group (a group meant for more social related activity), please send a mail to

Once you do this, you should be on the mailing list and will receive all mails.

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