Entitlement of Dual Family Pension: PCDA(P) Circular 504 & 513

A Case Study on Dual Family Pension

Nk Prasanna Kumar of ASC (MT) retired from service, after having served for17 years.  He was awarded service pension.  Thereafter, he joined DSC and passed away on 8 Sep 2003. On his demise, the spouse was awarded Special Family Pension (SFP).

However, the  PPO granting her SFP, also cancelled the joint notification issued vide an earlier PPO, which had granted her Ordinary Family Pension (OFP) for her husband’s service in the army.  This was because at the time of his demise, only one pension was admissible.

With the notification of PCDA (P) Circular 504 of 17 Jan 2013, and 513 dated 19 Jul 2013, grant of Dual family pension has been authorised.

Circular 504 states that the family of an ESM, if he gets second re-employment in central civil departments or state govt PSU etc, after retirement / discharge from military service, and was in receipt of OFP, would be entitled to draw two family pensions, if any, authorised by the re-employer. It goes on to clarify “ There may be a case where the pension already sanctioned to NOK of ESM, has been stopped for payment / held in abeyance for sanction of family pension for civil service of the ESM, being more beneficial. SUCH CASES MAY BE REVIEWED FOR CONTINUANCE OF GRANT OF OFP.

Circular 513 has clarified that the provisions of circular 504 is also applicable for DSC wef 24.9.2012.

Action Taken to Revive Entitled Dual Pension

The case of widow of Late Nk Prasanna Kumar was initially taken up with ASC records, on 15 Jul 2016. They, in turn, took up the case with PCDA(P).  However, PCDA(P) had “turned down”  the application for Dual Family Pension, saying that she was already in receipt of SFP.  ASC Records, and DSC records did not get any positive response from PCDA(P).  However, PCDA(P), had sought clarification of CGDA, Delhi cantt,  regarding admissibility of Dual Family Pension in cases  where Special / Liberalised family pensions have been sanctioned. There appeared to be no progress, as on 29 Sep 2016.

Intervention By President TSEWA,Kerala
In the mean time the case was referred, by the Veer Nari, to me.  After perusing the case, I raised a grievance, through PENGRAMS, to the CGDA1, on 19 Sep 2016.  This was followed by two  reminders on 19 Oct and 9 Nov 16, regarding the delay . On 29 Nov 16, PCDA(P) vide their  letter dated 15.11.16 informed that

 “ It is intimated that liaison should be carried out with the record office of the pensioner and claim for notification of dual family pension may please be forwarded to this office for notification of PPO for dual family pension.”

The case is being followed up with ASC records, for award of dual family pension, wef 24.9.2012

Lt Col  Babu Papachan, President TSEWA, Kerala

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