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Closure of Regn & Update for AFT 28 (5CPC Anomaly on Pay Scale of Majors& Equivalents etc)

AFT 28 (5CPC Anomaly on Pay Scale of Majors& Equivalents etc)

This update is to inform all applicants and members that  registration for the AFT case 28 (as described above) is now closed. as on 8 Sep 2017. The total number of applicants who have sent their consent and details to join the case is 106.

The list has been submitted to Gen Secy TSEWA for the preparation of Memo of Parties and preliminary checks. This would be followed up by, detailed checks of each document of each applicant, reconciliation of Legal Fee payment and TSEWA no etc.

Based on our experience of handling such large number of applicants for a single case, it is estimated that the checking process and finalization of Legal Brief,  will take 15~20 days. After this the pre-filing process at TSEWA office will be finalized and sent to Legal Cell at Gurgaon, for third level checks.

The case filing sequence/schedule will be allotted by Gen Secy, TSEWA based on the listed priorities and number of cases already in ‘pipeline’ awaiting filing at AFT, PB, Delhi


  1. Goswami Sir, please can you check whether my name is there in this list, I did pay fees for two cases, one case fees was refunded and one case fees still there with TSEWA. My mNo 1929 Major Rajinder Nath Malik, retired in Oct 1992 after 21 years + service. Wonder second case is this AFT 28 ? Thanks and regards. R N Malik

    1. Dear Major RN Malik,
      From a re-check of my database and email archives, I can confirm that you have NOT registered for AFT 28. In case you have any mail from me (my mail id please send me the copy of your and my emails.

      Also, provide details of DD nos, date and bank, to TSEWA office over mob phone 09494037781, so that the remittances can be verified. DO NOT POST DD NO, BANK AND OTHER DETAILS ON THIS COMMENT/ANYWHERE ON THE BLOG.

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