Entitlement of Pension of Nb Sub to Hav (ACP-1) : PCDA(P) Circular 566


Hav (ACP-1) Biju John, Gp Y, of AMC, after 26 years of service, retired in Aug 2012 with the pension of Hav (ACP-1), and a PPO was published to this effect.  Later, vide a  Corr PPO, his rank was amended to Hony Nb Sub.  Thus, wef the date of commencement of pension, he was entitled to the pension of an Hony Nb Sub

The NCO approached the President of TSEWA, Kerala, stating that he has been granted rank of hony Nb Sub, and others have got pension of Nb Sub. He also stated that he had lodged 2 complaints  with SBI Kanhangad, Kerala, regarding the payment of pension of Nb Sub to him.  He received no reply.

Action by TSEWA

President TSEWA studied the orders on the subject. He found that Circular 566 dated 16.9.2016  stated that The PDAs had reported some difficulty in interpreting the implementation of OROP circular 555 on two points. It went on to clarify that “ revision of Pension in respect of post 2006 Hav granted ACP-1, who later on were promoted to the rank of hony Nb Sub, pension in such cases shall be revised to the rank of Nb Sub.” Also  as per circular 555, an hony Nb Sub of Y gp is to be paid OROP scale of Rs 8783/- and a Nb Sub is to be paid Rs 10405/-

On 23 Sep 2016, the president TSEWA, Kerala, took up a grievance with PENGRAMS. On 21 Oct 16, PCDA(P) instructed CPPC of SBT, stating “ Verify your records and PPOs and make payment of Rs 10405/- wef 1.7.2014 according to this office circular No 555 dated 4.2.2016, read with circular No 566 dated 4.2.2016.  DR and arrears are also payable to him.” 

A satisfied Hony Nb Sub with the pension of Nb Sub, now receives Rs 10405/- as his pension.

Lt Col Babu Pappachan
President of TSEWA, Kerala


  1. Dear Sir
    I am jayakumar DC Retired from Indian Navy after 20 years and 08 months of service as Petty officer Medical
    As per new Corrg PPo my Rank last held read as Petty officer ACP-1 with a grad pay of Rs 4200/- equivalent to Hon Nab Sub of Army, hope i can apply Government jobs where eligibility criteria is JCO

    Please advise me sir

    Thanks and Regards
    jayakumar Dc
    email –

    1. There is no clarification about this. I am also a ACP Naib Subedar. I am also confused about this. We have to approach any higher authority for further clarification. 7509528782

  2. Good Afternoon Sir,
    I, EX/NO 13953712A Hav (H/Nb/Sub) C Venkat Reddy, retd from AMC on 30 Nov 08 (AN) completed 26 yrr, at the time of discharge my rank Havildhar and I got a received a DO letter from my Records commandant Brig regarding Honory Naib Subedar wef 01 Jan 2009 subsequently recd DO Part-II letter for Honory Naib subedar. as per OROP my Basic Pay is Rs 8783 and a Nb Sub is to be paid Rs 10405. I wrote so many letters to our records as well as PCDA Allahabad, but they are replay for same, your pension is correct for our records and mail to PCDA, but they replay for same, I again put to complaints to Pension Adalat camp MC EME they forwarded my complaints to PCDA, so again pcda given same replay, I put MOD pension letter, those are individual completed 24 yrs they will entitled regular naib subedar pension. PPO No. S / 046612 / 2008 (Army), dated 25th Sep 2008
    In view of the above I requested honor of you please verify may complaints and sent me reply through my email

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